Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week...via wannabe Instagram

Ben and I had a relaxed week, no we did not go sky-diving and these pictures may be an oxymoron to my last post about married people being cool, but it was great nonetheless!

1.Spring cleaning Car wash!  
2. I made fresh bread for my very first time in my foods class, it was actually easier than I thought and there is nothing better than that smell in your house, so I think I will try again!
3. Silk and gold buttons.  I love anything with gold buttons.
4. Since I am off sugar at the moment, oranges have been my snacks and dessert.  I had eight this week.  This was one of the best oranges I have ever had! mmmmm

1. Went shopping twice this weekend! I got my first maxi dress and I love it! I'm excited to wear the maxi, a fedora, huge sunglasses, and an over sized bag and walk around pretending I'm a celebrity.  (I swear they are always wearing that outfit in the "celeb spotted" moments in magazines.)
2. My St. Patrick's Day nails.  This has been one of my favorite color combos! The picture does not do it justice but I used Essie "Sew Psyched" and Deborah Lippmann "Boom Boom Pow"
3. Green crinkle scarf for SPD, no pinches for me!
4.  We made homemade sushi with our friends the Osborne's, although I hate fish and didn't try it, it was still really fun and cool to watch! And Ben got his "fish fill" in because I can't cook it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend....You know that nervous bad feeling in the pit of your stomach on Sunday night when you know it is Monday in less than 24 hours...I have that.  Here's to hoping this is a wonderful week and that the testing center gets infected with toxic mold or something!

ps-linked up at one of my favorite blogs, Story of my life!


Jenn @ PSP said...

I love posts full of pictures! That bread looks sooo awesome, yum, wanna send me some? ; ) ha ha! Yay! for your maxi dress - isn't that so true about celebs, though? I definitely felt famous wearing mine for the first time, just thrifted it recently and it made my day!


Ketrin Jones said...

love your photos :)
just came across your blog, i linked up too!

hope you have a great week!

Kelinha said...

I love your blog. Want to follow each other?*

theadorabletwo said...

Great Post..

Lots love

The Adventurer said...

No skydiving? You may have to next time :) According to dad, "Its. Awesome!". I am so glad, though, that you had a super fun weekend full of oranges and car washes! said...

I love everything about your weekend cass. I'm maxi shopping rihgt now. they look SO comfy and easy to wear! where did you get yours??

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