Friday, March 16, 2012

We're still cool!

Yesterday at work I asked my co-worker if he had any exciting plans for the weekend:

Co-worker #1-"No not really"
Me- "Me neither yet..."
Co-worker #2 (to me) "No offense, but you're married, do you ever have anything fun and exciting plans"
Me (resentful and surprised)-"What? Are you kidding? WE ARE STILL FUN. We are COOL married people, I bet I stayed up later than you last night!"
Co-Worker #2-"Ok, sure"
Co-Worker #1-"Ya my sister just got married and now she is lame"

OK I seriously resented this comment, just because we are married does not mean we are not fun anymore.  Not all married people are the cookie cutter stereotype of doing homework, going to work,  thinking about babies, shop at Cold Water Creek, canning peaches and their idea of fun is going to Target in the next town over.

Seriously! Ben and I have a ton of friends, both married and single, we stay up late and sleep in late.  We try new restaurants, play games, see all the new movies, go see shows and sporting events.  Just in the last month we have gone to Vegas, Disneyland and Phoenix...See we are still fun!....right?

Apparently I feel the need to justify it to all of you, but it was just surprising that people have that perception of marriage!  What can a single person do that I can't?  Nothing, I just get to do all the fun stuff with the guy I like, and then go have a sleepover after!  It is not like once you get married you stop wanting to do fun things.

I honestly think Marriage is so fun, we are always trying to get out and do things, planning trips and making each other feel challenged.  We dream about our future and all the amazing things we want to do.

So there you go I think we are the cool married people!

Do any of you feel like people have the perception that married people are lame?

Ps-we are going to go skydiving or something this weekend out of spite

This is how I like to do marriage. Fun and messy.

Have a wonderful, fun, anti-lame, exciting adventure filled weekend!


Danielle said...

Love this post. My favorite part about being married is that you live together so you don't have to make plans... automatic hot date!! Your blog is adorable. Newest follower!

The Adventurer said...

Aww hahah you SHOULD go skydiving jut to spite him. I mean that is seriously cool. Would it help if I told you my dad went skydiving for the second time today? SECOND.

This is real life.

Have a good weekend!!

Lauren Cooper said...

Haha Cassie you are hilarious! Love this post! You guys always sound super cool ;) but I mean if you went skydiving it would probably mean you are even more cool...cooler? I mean thats where I got all my street cred from!

Emily Hope said...

Hello new Canadian friend!!!

So I agree - there are some cool married couples out there. I think my husband and I are one of those couples. I think maybe this co-worker was confused with those couples who have babies/little kids? Even then - those couples aren't lame either.

Brett and Victoria said...

I get this from my sister alllllllllll the time, so I totally know where you are coming from. What I think people need to realize is that you don't have to do wild and crazy things to have fun. You can just make a cute little dinner with your hubbie or watch a movie or even fold laundry and it's still fun. You don't need to go skydiving everyday to have an exciting and enjoyable life :) And I'm sure you guys are super thuper cool anyway.

Bryanna Rae said...

Haha ugh I couldn't agree MORE with this post. We have a party here in Lethbridge. (Get home soon! haha) I think the marrieds have more fun than the single crowd these days. No joke!

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