Thursday, March 22, 2012

A window to the soul

I remember the first purse I got in like grade seven and I had NOTHING to put in it, so I went around the house looking for cute things to fill it up with, "can of Cream of Chicken Soup? Sure! It'll feel heavy!"
Now my purse looks like my mothers full of receipts and tweezers and there is way too much junk in it HA!

You know how purses are so sacred to girls, and how when an old boyfriend went to go look in your purse you would slap him away and act all offended "You can't look in there, a girls purse is personal!, don't you know".  All for fear of him finding a tampon or heaven forbid a can of Cream of Chicken Soup!

And you know how people say you can tell everything about a girl just by looking at the contents of her purse. Let's see what mine says about me!

Cafe Rio and 3 different Frozen Yogurt loyalty cards
Cafe Rio cinnamints (I grab a handful, stuff it in my purse then run away like I just committed a crime)
Nail clippers
Socks (you know in case of spontaneous bowling plans)
2 B&BW hand lotions, both vanilla
Hempz pomegranate lotion
EOS lip gloss and Anthro Rosebud lip gloss, and some more lip gloss
B&BW hand sanitizer, also vanilla
2 water bottles, one completely empty and one with maybe a swig left
BYU Agenda and a very small study guide *you know it can't be a very good study guide when it is 4x6
Floss (my most useful item)
Pens and pencils (I am strict mechanical pencil 0.5 lead only kind of girl)
Checkbook (Yes, people still have those and I may or may not have paid 20 dollars for animal print checks)
Canadian Cash-A Toonie (2 dollars) and a Loonie (one dollar)-They are actually called that!!!

So what would my purse say to a stranger if they saw it:

A very thirsty, dry skinned Canadian girl who pays for her vanilla frozen yogurt with obnoxious checks.

I'll take it.

Linking up with the lovley Jes and Crystal for "Peep Please" So fun and if you don't link up "you can't sit with us...YOU CANT SIT WITH US!"

Two Smuppies


Jes said...

so glad you linked up!!!
i always have just a bad habit with water bottles too.
and FLOSS? you are my kind of girl.
xx jes

Kristin Fleck said...

HAHA! a thirsty, dry skinned canadian. i'm cracking up :)

Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

haha you would NOT want to see the inside of my purse right now. It's dangerous in there!

Crystal ~Skittle Bug~ said...

ohhh yes. I think the thing I'm loving most is the water bottle with the swig left. You never know, that swig could be the one you need to save your life. Also, a Loonie?? haha Awesome!

Thanks for linking arms with us!! And YAY for quoting Mean Girls!!! :)

Autumn Ingram said...

Oh my word, I am going to have to link up with this, SOON! So cute. Your purse makes mine look like a wreck :)

Courtney B said...

I don't even dare show what's in my purse before cleaning it out... ha ha! I swear I have hundreds of loyalty cards! Okkkk. Not that many, but it feels like it!

Lauren Cooper said...

Umm hello! Never met anyone else who keeps socks in their purse in case of spontaneous bowling! And coming from someone who works in the dental field, high five on the floss girl! :)

Whitney Leigh said...

I am in love with anything Hempz. Especially pomegranite. And check books are a sign than you are from simpler times. I have tons of those things laying around my place. And all of them have my maiden name on them still. Does that stop me from using them? No.

Emma Frances said...

Haha. I totally remember getting my first purse and putting random stuff in it! I will never have that problem again! So funny!

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