Thursday, April 5, 2012

letter love

Who doesn't love some sweet little letters...

Dear Ben, thanks for getting a hair cut and shaving your face, you even shaved UP (a rarity) which totally seduced me.
Dear Today's Interview, thank you for being so laid back and comfortable and for making me so excited about interning with you, my number one choice!
Dear Family, I am so glad you are here to visit, I wish you lived here every day. I can't wait for our day tomorrow filled with Kneaders french toast and city creek mall shopping!
Dear Carly(sister)-Watching you try on prom dresses tonight was so fun! You are beautiful and have a really good butt! Ps-I am so happy you are graduating and coming to BYU in the fall.
Dear Instagram, thank you for finally coming to android! You really were playing hard to get and it was working, I am glad you finally caved, I am smitten....  my username is cassietremblay, follow me!
Dear Blog Friends, Thanks for being so great and supportive and for all your comments and advice!
Dear Tea and Greek Yogurt, I really have tried to like you, I try so hard because you are so trendy and cute and everyone else loves you and I want to curl up in a blanket with a mug of tea, but please just taste better.
Dear Ben, you don't know this, but we do Easter presents. I bought my Easter present from you to me yesterday, it is a new OPI from the Holland collection and it is beautiful, I love it, you're the best! Happy Easter!

All Love,


Thanks for the great link up @Adventures of Newlyweds.  I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend.


britteny jensen said...

that such a tend blog post! i hope i can see your fam before they leave!

The Bookness said...

I love them!
Followed. Who knows, maybe you'll stop by me someday.

Cami said...

I love that you bought a gift from HIM to YOU! Hahah you are a trip. I need to do that, too :D
What kind of tea are you trying? Some taste good :)
Prom dress shopping with your fun!
Super cute post, doll :)
I'm visiting from Friday Letters <3

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

for Greek yogurt you can try adding honey, vanilla, and berries (or nuts) it does AMAZING things for the taste I mean a whole different world! and definitely going to follow you on Instagram I LOVE it!

My husband also got his hair cut yesterday (Thank the Lord!) and is back to his military buzz cut LOL isn't it great when they finally get it all done?!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Kristen said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, it put a smile on my face! Your blog is lovely! I too, am following you!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Just when you thought

his little Lady said...

love greek yogurt!! and i am so happy that all you andoid users get to enjoy the addiction of instagram. obsessed!!!
xo TJ

Blytheponytailparades said...

Haha this cracked me up :P And that photograph is stunning! You are a fantastic photographer.

Amira said...

HAAA "I want to curl up in a blanket with a mug of tea, but please just taste better." Once again, well said. All I want in this world is to curl up with a mug of tea but I'm so disappointed every time. It just doesn't taste how I want it to (like diet coke). I will say though, that I tried Good Earth Sweet & Spicy herbal tea and it tastes like cinnamon. I LOVED it.

Steven Brown said...

WOW! YOU HAVE WONDERFUL BLOG! I AM NOW FOLLOWING!. I hope you check mine and FOLLOW: thank you for your time. GOD BLESS!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Ooh Easter presents, fun!

miss aubrey said...

guh tea is so nasty and so is greek yogurt I totally agree. How am I supposed to be cool and get my probiotics if I don't like them? so sad.

Leann Allred said...

Here's a little secret. Add some honey to greek yogurt, and BAM it's delicious. It makes a great fruit dip.

Also, go to teavana in the university mall and try their strawberry tea. It doesn't even have caffeine in it :) win-win

Emma Frances said...

So I completely agree with you on your letter to tea and greek yogurt. So funny. Some greek yogurt flavors I can handle but I still am not a big fan. And I love that you bought an Easter present for yourself from Ben! :] So funny!

Anonymous said...

Hi, While I appreciate that you enjoy my photo can you please properly credit it, and not try to claim it as your own? Here is the link Thank you. Martha

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