Thursday, April 12, 2012

a list of ten or une liste de dix

Remember my first list of ten here, and then again here, and remember how I said this was going to be a thing? Well here is the third installment of "A list of Ten"

Many of you may know I hail from the Frozen Tundra of Canada, it is actually not a frozen tundra although that is a common misconception.  With my parents having just been here and sad that we are not going home to Canada like we usually do this summer, today's list of Ten is to educate and inspire:

10 Things I LOVE about Canada!

1:: Canadian chocolate and candy, there is not much that compares.  You will have to taste to believe, but somehow we are way ahead in the chocolate bar and candy department.  Yes, those are KETCHUP chips and they are delicious! Oh ya and Alberta Beef-it is a cut above the rest (pun intended)

2::The beautiful landscapes, my favorite is the rocky mountains that border Alberta and British Columbia.  I never appreciated the country's beauty before but it is breathtaking!

3::I love the weird stuff we say. When my parents were down I realized I hardly say "eh" at all anymore, I don't want to lose my Canadian words.  "That was good pasta (paaasss-ta) and pop eh! Now where is the washroom, you bring my beg (bag) and I'll meet you at the Mazda (Mazz-da)!"

4:: Free Health Care.  No I am not a communist, but where I am from it works, yes there are minor cons but I love that everyone is covered, I can go to the doctor for free if something is wrong and we practice more preventative healthcare.

5:: Seasons.  Canada has very distinct and very different seasons.  I love that the weather and landscape changes four times a year.

6:: We are bilingual! Yes, we speak English and French, well most of us don't but my husband is from Quebec, the french province, and they are almost pure french.  The law requires that both English and French are on products, most of the french I know I learned from cereal boxes!

7:: Our Pretty Money.  We have very colorful pretty money, so you never mix up the bills.  It really is cute money and I love our Loonies (1 dollar coin) and Toonies (2 dollar coin).  When I first came here I accidentally gave a homeless man a 20 instead of a 1, it all looks the same!

8:: Peacekeepers.  We believe in peacekeeping not policing.  Some of you may not agree, but I like that Canada is a peacekeeping country.  We have a small Army because you US guys got our back right? It is a more laid-back kind of feel up there too.

9:: Our national animal is a Beaver-That is just funny!  Beaver vs. Bald Eagle, who wins?

10:: Justin Bieber! Dear World: You're Welcome!

Those are just a few of the things I love about my home. Sorry if you don't care about Canada at all and just had to read that, but who hates Canada right? A lot of people here don't know much about Canada, I was once asked "If I spoke Canadian" and "If we had electricity yet?"  Anyways we don't always dress like lumberjacks and ride dog-sleds to school!  Come visit if you ever have the chance!

And if you are feeling really inspired watch these amazing commercials:

Au revoir!


Whitney Leigh said...

thank you for ten.

bickmore said...

I love this cass! I will never forget you singing the canadian national anthem in lake powell at the top of your lungs!

Jes said...

my cousins live in canada and i always love hearing them say "again"... because it doesn't sound alike "uh-gen"... it sounds like "a GAIN". love it to pieces.

chan said...

CANADA! How I love thee. You thought of things I usually don't think of when I tell people why I love canada. Like a beaver and peace keeping. Those things only make me love canada even more.

Ie Ling said...

Just wanted to let you know that "I am a Canadian" gave me goosebumps as I watched even though I've seen it many times before =). Miss you!

Melissa said...

haha oh canada. i grew up near the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. when i went to college (2.5 hours south, mind you), people always asked if i was from canada! we definitely have a major case of the eh's and other weirdo sayings, similar to canadians. i used to think those people were crazy...but now when i talk to my mom i totally hear the accent! funny! :)

Kristen said...

I want to go to Canada soo bad! When I went to Niagara Falls, I just wanted to cross the border.. unfortunately, I don't have my passport.. one day, I will go though!!!


Just when you thought

Anonymous said...

hahaha way to REP it ca$$

Mrs. Pancakes said...

gotta love canadian chocolate...and canadian cuties (JB)

Amira said...

Love the peacekeepers, the healthcare, the chocolate, I love it all! I want to be a Canadian, eh? :-)

dreaming en francais said...

What a cute idea for a post! I've only been to Canada once, years ago, and don't think I even tried the chocolate -- bummer! Also, the money IS pretty :) xo

mina said...

someone just called me out for saying beg instead of bag in quebec and said it was because i'm from the prairies. i have never heard of this and am still in denial that i am pronouncing it poorly. c'est strange.

Crystal ~Skittle Bug~ said...

hahahaha I LOVED reading this. I've never been up to the great white north, but now I am intrigued!! I may have to stop in one of these days and check it out, eh? ;)

Anonymous said...
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