Friday, April 13, 2012

lovley letters

Dear Ben, you are next to me in bed right now watching survivor on your phone.  I can't believe you still like that show, I think this is like season 44 or something but for some reason you like it, and you refuse to watch Grey's or Vampire Diaries with me? Did I just hear the name "Troy-zan"? need headphones.

Dear Bookstore, if you reject any of my books tomorrow for "text-book sell back" I will K@!*%*!....probably do what I do every time you do this and walk out sighing, defeated.

Dear Mailman, you have got some good stuff coming for me this week, I'm excited for our rendezvous.  Usually when you knock on my door, it is when I am in my robe or in the bathroom or something else really inconvenient and it is super awk, so let's try and work on our timing shall we?

Dear Cassie (ME)-you,at the gym? At midnight? Who ARE you?!

Dear Stripes, I am so attracted to you.

Dear Cooking, I feel like it has been a while, I haven't even missed you that much but Ben suggested we get together soon, let me know!

Dear Ben, (because husbands get two letters) how come we suck so much at The Newlywed Game? I swear we know each other, but really? I swear you like thick crust better than thin crust pizza!

See what I mean?

Well hope you all have a great weekend, TGIF!



MissMorgan said...

haha, I watch Grey's, Vampire Diaries, AND Survivor. I'm kind of a show junkie, which is odd cause I don't have cable...
PS Stripes are my favorite!

thecoffeehouse said...

oh man, you and me both with the cooking. i made some mac & cheese from a box the other day. does that count?

Mish Lovin' Life said...

Love the stripes. 'specially that one-piece!

Michelle said...

Haha! The mailman! ALWAYS at the worst possible time when my hair is sticking straight out and I'm no wearing bra.

I remember the days of selling back books...depressing.

Love stripes way too much. They've taken over half my wardrobe.

meme-and-he said...

ahh stripes. I am loving them this spring, in fact I have them on right now! happy weekend!

Emma Frances said...

Eep! I love all of those striped things! :] Also, I totally understand your letter to the Bookstore. SO frustrating! I hope your books sell back fine! And I understand your letter to the mailman. How does that always happen?! I'm waiting for a package next week too--I sure hope I am dressed when they knock! Haha.

dreaming en francais said...

It's pretty much inevitable -- the mail guy ALWAYS comes at the worst times. But when you're expecting something fun, it's almost forgivable! Oh and I am kinda obsessed with stripes too xo

Autumn Ingram said...

I'm loving stripes, too! Yay for spring:)
Hope you have a great weekend!!

Taylor Morgan said...

Lol, "Dear stripes,I am so attracted to you" ... I second that!

Andrea Dickherber said...

That striped shirt is super cute. You can't be blamed for being attracted to it :)
Best of luck reselling your textbooks! That was always the most frustrating part (seriously, $20 for a $200 book?!)

Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

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