Wednesday, April 11, 2012



I'm going to get just a little deep on here today...below shallow end, above your ears hurting deep.

Yesterday I was studying for my psychology final (yuck) and I was reading about people's fears and phobias.
There are five categories of fear
                                                 1) Animals (dogs, snakes, spiders etc.)
                                                 2) Natural Environments (heights, storms, darkness etc.)
                                                 3) Situations (bridges, flying, elevators, small spaces)
                                                 4) Injury (needles, falling, car accidents etc.)
                                                 5) Other including illness, failure and death.

As I was reading that I realized I have at least one of those fears in every category, pretty much everything that people could be afraid of, I am, excluding the super weird ones like fear of Q-tips and fear of relatives (actual thing, Syngenesophobia, look it up).  

Seriously though, I am afraid of everything-spiders, heights, small spaces, flying, driving, elevators, tornadoes and all natural disasters, getting needles, me or loved ones dying, failure, rejection, snakes, blood,  kidnappers, robbers, not being able to have kids, the ocean, fish touching me under water etc.

As you can see I am a huge scaredy cat! I realize this is holding me back, when we hike, I don't go to the edge because I am too scared and miss the beautiful view, I never look out the windows on planes, I will never skydive or bungee jump or ride in a hot air balloon, I cried more than my 8 year old sister when we went to go get flu shots,  because I am too scared.  I don't venture into the ocean more than up to my knees, I never want to drive anymore.  So many times I have anxiety or fear run through my body, not a great feeling.  

As I was thinking about this, a scripture came to mind, my cousin/bestie Kylie showed me my freshman year when I was probably freaking out about something I was scared of,

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:7)

We are not supposed to be afraid of everything, constantly worried, we should be filled with power and love!   Those are good things.  I realize I can't automatically just not be scared of flying or snakes anymore, but I am going to try and feel less fear and have more faith that everything will be ok and be filled with more peace.

I don't know where I am really going with this post, I guess I was just musing yesterday that I need to have a sounder mind, more peace!


Jenn @ PSP said...

GREAT post, and scripture. I was just telling my husband yesterday that I want to be faithful and fearless, not fearful and faithless. I think I'm afraid of everything you mentioned, but I try not to let it hold me back from anything - life is too short! Except my fear of getting my wisdom teeth out - maybe life is too short to actually care about that...

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

I know what you mean when I start having an anxiety attack or I'm laying awake at night wondering and worrying about random things or the most common thing 'what will happen with my brothers when my parents die' I have to breathe, pray, and sometimes read a verse or two and remember the Lord loves me and never gives me anything I can't handle, that he will always provide and take care of me. This was a Fabulous post!

Amira said...

Spoken like my true blogger soulmate that you are. I worry sometimes that I'm missing out on so much in this short lifetime because I am scared of everything! So many things give me anxiety and I'm trying to be better about it :-)

Lauren Cooper said...

This post was great! I'm not sure what its like to be on your end of things. I have always been known as the fearless child in our family. Always being crazy and never worrying about getting hurt. Sometimes it ended up with broken bones and such. But it has ALWAYS ended up with a good story and megrowing as a person. I even went skydiving last year! Do that and you'll never be afraid of anything again!

"Life is for enjoying, not just enduring!"

you are awesome!

christine donee said...

Go more peace!

And go away spiders!

miss aubrey said...

I'm a total worry wart scaredy cat myself and I COMPLETELY understand this post. I think when I'm being brave I let go of all of the what ifs and realize life is going to happen, good and bad. Most of my worries don't come true. Still I could make a list ten pages deep of all of the things that scare me.

the lovebirds said...

wow... what a great quote!!! love that. letting go of your fears of course will make you free. It's just the letting go part that is hard!

the lovebirds said...

wow... what a great quote!!! love that. letting go of your fears of course will make you free. It's just the letting go part that is hard!

Jaclyn said...

first of all that scripture is my fav. it's so true! i think God really has given us the power to be fearless. i love this post cassie! said...

thanks for the shout out cass. as if i didn't miss you enough already! I think I should take my own advice and listen to that scrip a little more in my own life. I'm always so worried about "the unknown" that is my future. its hard though sometimes. but thanks for the reminder to go forward with faith and to remember that God loves us, and has an awesome plan for us so it will all work out. love you!

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