Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yep, still no instagram on Android, but don't worry you iPhone supremacists, we can still take a mean picture...
It was an eventful week, a quick trip to St. George, more thrifting, sick husband, finished reading the hunger games, tried to go to the movie but the only seats left were front row and I was getting seasick so we exchanged our ticks for another day, odds are NOT in my favor...

Here is the phone dump:
1:Got my first Birchbox!! Love getting packages, I liked 3 of the 5 things in there, I think I will give it a couple more months.
2:I love my EOS lip balls, only 2 more till I have all of them.
3:Took pics of powerpoints in class because I was too lazy to take notes #supersenioritis
4:Brought home two surprises for Ben from the grocery store, got so many wifey points for these.  For all of those non-Utahns, fry sauce is this stuff (ketchup, mayo, bbq) and people would dip their dog in it if they could.  Seriously they love this stuff, every restaurant has it. Plus Ben does not even love sweets, but loves these random cookies.
Road Trip to St. George!
1:Finally visited City Creek Mall in SLC!  I love most malls but this one was BEAUTIFUL!! No sale section at J.Crew though? puuuhhllleeeassse
2:The aforementioned famous Dixie Rock!
3:The boys doing some major lifting while helping Ben's mom move....
4:...While I took pics of my toes in the U-Haul.  Just kidding I helped, but don't you love the blue? It is the OPI blue from the Shrek Collection!

Plus it is General Conference this weekend which is always inspiring and relaxing! Hope you all have had a great weekend! Linking up with Story of My Life for Best of Instagram I hope.

you know you love me
Gossip Girl

I don't know why that always sounds so appropriate to end with...


Britteny said...

i LOLed at the pic of you taking a pic of're a lazy shiz lol

Kristin Fleck said...

have you put in your email here for notifications on insta for android?

i think it's gonna be soon for yo all :) wooo!

Jes said...

those keebler elf things are pure deliciousness. i might even go so far as to say they have a little bit of evil in them.

great pictures and happy sunday!
xx jes

The Adventurer said...

hahahah Gossip Girl... I have for serious sent texts with that at the end. Sometimes it just works. I get it :)

Also... I need to hear more about this Fry Sauce. I'm from Texas ((I swear I don't douse everything in BBQ sauce)) but I'm thinking I would put this on everything TOO!

Emma Frances said...

My mom got me an EOS lip ball thing for my birthday and I still have yet to use it....Are they super awesome?! I guess I really need to pull mine out! Yay for a fun weekend! :]

SmalltownGirl said...

You had me at your sign off of Gossip Girl. I am a new follower of yours. And new to the blogging world. I am addicted to Gossip Girl and watched the entire series up to the most recent on in the last couple weeks! can't wait to read more about you!

Sarah said...

My sister used to get birch boxes, they seem like such a fun thing to look forward to!

Don't forget to enter The Shabby Apple giveaway on my blog for a chance to enter a dress!

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