Monday, April 9, 2012


And after much patience, Instagram came to the people of Android.
And the people were filled with joy and rejoiced!

You heard it, this week will be from the true Instagram and I am finally a part of this 
lovley "filtered filled" world!

This week was a really great one! 
My family was here and I am obsessed with them, playing with cousins, perfect Easter and...
Donny Osmond was in my church ward yesterday! Whaaattt??
I really wanted to snap a pic or ask for the autograph 
but I thought that might be inappropriate in church, so you will just have to believe me.
The hymns were sounding a little bit better with 
Mr. Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat man 
in our congregation though. 

Now onto the good stuff!

1::One of my favorite little things, my bunny ring holder, festive right?
2::The one thing I like about BYU campus right not, the spring flowers (please note-this pic was taken on Friday)
3::This is me when Instagram came to Android
4::Please refer to previous note.  This picture was taken on Saturday where it snowed all day 
and I busted out the winter plaid.

1::My Easter Mantle
2::The whole fam out for dinner at PF Changs, you betcha we got the lettuce wraps
3::Got my eyebrows did! Have you heard of the Anastasia Method for eyebrow waxes? Well let me tell you it is all the rage in Hollywood! Mine are light but if you look closely you will notice (and I was told by the lady) that I use the same stencil and shape now as Jen Aniston and J-Lo, my girls! haha

1:: Easter Sunday Polka-dots!
2:: Meet my baby sister Hailey, she likes Sharpies and long phone calls, she hates getting her face washed.
3::May have made another batch of these delicious chocolate nuggets!

1:: We didn't paint Easter eggs this year, but we sure did paint some serious  nails, 
on the porch no less, life is good!
2:: We went on a midnignt hike up the "Y", to those of you who don't know what that it, you hike up this giant horribly steep mountain to see this giant letter "Y" that is up there, people think it is fun.  It was my first time doing it, even though I have lived here for 5 years.  
Ask me my thoughts on this adventure when I can feel my legs again.
3::Ben and I at the top
4::My new nail color, this color says:
 "This is a grandma color but this grandma can get down and flirty!"
5::My little sister Carly and I at the top! So happy she is going to be here in the Fall, but No I will not be joining you on this hike  upward crawl ever again.

See? A great week!  One more to go until FREEDOM!!!
...and then spring semester starts a week later...
womp womp...


Jes said...

that is awesome about donnie! but you did the right thing, probably not the best to take a picture of him in church. so i will believe you.

those cookies look amazing. amazing. and that view from the midnight hike looks beautiful!

SmalltownGirl said...

I must try those cookies!! That's my all time favorite candy =)

McKenzie said...
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McKenzie said...

Love the polka-dots! And like you I absolutely thrilled Instagram has come to Android :) said...

not fair cassie. you're just making the missing so much worse! but on a positive note, you're easter mantle is adorable, i LOVE the polkadots. I got a mani/pedi this week and thought you would proud of me. im making those cookies tonight for fhe. im mad i never got to hike the Y with you. I still dont think you need to wax your blonde eyebrows but you are so trendy so good job. and hailey is TOO cute. I haven't seen her in ages. or you. i need to come to utah stat.

Mandy Davis said...

Glad you had a great weekend with the family. I do love that Hailey girl!
I hope Carly found a dress, I'm sure she was grateful to have your help.

Mish Lovin' Life said...

Yay!! Welcome to the world of Instagram!!! Let the Addiction BEGIN.

Kate said...

hi!! i just found your blog! i love all your instapics. i nearly wet myself when i found out it was released for android. and then i went on a rampage and had to reign myself in from taking too many pictures because people were judging me. openly. but really. it's awesome. and so is your blog. <3

Emma Frances said...

So happy you are on Instagram! I'm following you now! :] My username is emsmilesss! And yay for so many fun Easter pictures! I love your Easter mantle!

Nicole said...

nice- off to find you on instagram right now:)

Sailing with bare feet said...

Hi there! I love your Photo's! There great!
Have you seen any of your friends doing the photo a day challenge? I am participating for the first time this month and I'm loving it!
I am going to be doing my own photo a day challenge for May for people to do! Be sure and visit my blog and do it too!!! Tell your friends!

Robin said...

Oooh I am jealous of all your instagram love. I'm still back in the dinosaur days without a smart phone :[

Even though you hike sounds quite intense, the view looks absolutely beautiful and worth every leg pain, cramp, and ache!

mynameis tash said...

Those cookies look soo good. And I love the mantel.

The Adventurer said...

Ok, I need to hear more about your Jen and J-Lo brows. Also where can I get this done? I think I need celeb eyebrows like, right now.

Anonymous said...

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