Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feels like home

Well I am typing this in the car right now
on our way home from Canada.
We are in the middle of Idaho and it smells
like tar mixed with a feedlot.
So that's nice...
Here is what our weekend getaway in Canada consisted of


1: Asian Chicken Salad 2: Fries and Gravy, the only way to eat them in Canada! 3: Southwest Quinoa Salad

 1&3: The only way she would ever sit still or let me paint her toes is while she was sleeping, I had to be so careful and make sure she didn't move. 2: She loves the fireplace, little pyro 4: The cutest thing in the world, she fell asleep with Ben, my heart melted.

Carly's Graduation of course
*(graduation is a big deal in Alberta-Like US's version of Prom with the fancy dresses etc.)*

Didn't she look gorgeous? 
We decided to do a little comparison from my grad five years ago..
Apparently we like red!

The weekend was so great,
I always get knots in my stomach
the morning we have to leave,
because I don't want to leave.

Even though it rained all weekend and I
got sick on Sunday it was still perf!
We got in a lot of play time my baby sister Hailey,
card games, family time and  of course we ate our weight in
delicious food!

And some more pictures for good measure:
1:Our backyard 2: Too rainy to swim

Oh Canada, till we meet again!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have been on a blog vacation for the last few days
and it because we made a trek up
to the Great White North.

So as of Thursday Ben and I are in Canada!
We got in the car on Wednesday, made a quick stop in 
Helena Montana to get some sleep and 12 hours later
we were in Alberta!

It is my little sister's graduation this weekend
and for months we have been telling my family that we 
couldn't make it.
Little did they know we were 
planning on surprising them the whole time.

We had never surprised them before and 
it was too funny to shock them when we got here!

Total Surprise Achieved!

I love being home.
I love being in Canada.
I am so happy to be here for Carly's grad
and to just spend time at home with the fam.
Not to mention not worrying about work or school 
for a whole weekend!

On the list is relaxing, sleeping in, 
eating poutine and canadian chocolate 
as much as possible, playing with Hailey, 
potluck with the cousins and the whole crew,
judging all the grad dresses and eating 
delicious homemade meals!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Playing House

Isn't it funny how when you and your 
significant other live together the roles you slip into.
Sometimes without even noticing.
For example I have maybe taken out the trash twice 
since we have been married.
It is just something Ben does...
Yet I always sweep the floor. always.

He takes out the trash and kills the bugs
I sweep and mop the floors.

He vacuums and fixes stuff
I clean the toilet and dust.

He cuts the chicken and grates the cheese
I cook the rest.

He cleans the car and changes the tires.
I buy the air fresheners that make the car smell good.

He folds the laundry
I sort the laundry 
(Colors and darks are different contrary to his opinion)

I always gets into bed first.
He turns off the lights, locks the door and plugs in our phones....without fail.
That one's my favorite.

We both
check the mail, do the dishes, pay the bills and make the bed.

What roles do you guys fall into when playing house?
Is there something he always does? Or you always do?
What do you take turns doing?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bullets for Sunday

 If you were to see me this weekend....
  • Had a sleepover at a friends house in Salt Lake while Ben worked all weekend! Just like old times-painting nails, getting no sleep, and sleeping on the couch.  These friend's happen to be a married couple but it was cool, the men watched the Lakers and the girls watched the baby.
  • Watched the Greys Anatomy Season Finale....That show is so so cruel to me, many tears were shed....STOP KILLING MY FRIENDS!!
  • We all ran a 5K race at (what seemed like) dawn, it was super fun, for a great cause and followed by Pancakes, so the best kind of run for sure!
  • I tried Thai food for my first time ever, can you believe that? Have I been living under a stupid rock?! It was delicious, no, currylicious.
  • Played with an adorable baby all weekend, my womb is hungry...
  • We booked our tickets to New Hampshire, trip is official and we will be visiting NYC, Boston and Montreal!  I have started planning our itinierary, so far includes wearing a baseball shirt to Fenway Park, kiss on the Empire State Building like Meg and Tom and visit Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment! (Ben is super pumped about the last one)
  • Hey I know this is crazy, because I just met you but here is my number, maybe call me!? Listened to my jam A LOT.  Canada produces straight up super stars!
  • Drove on the freeway by myself to SLC, this is a big deal for me, very very sweaty feet and hands.  I am a merging moron and I close my eyes when I have to pass semi-trucks...not really but I made it.
  • It was a sunny weekend, with ice cream and City Creek shopping and girl talk lunches.  Ben was the only thing missing!
  • Hope you all had a great weekend! Any suggestions on what we must do in New York City if we are only there for a couple of days?!
The eats:
The Peeps:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Things...

I have never done Jenna's "Last Thing Thursday's" Link up
but it looked like fun so here it goes!

The Last Thing...

{I ate}
Cream Cheese Lemon Bars I made for a BBQ with friends on Tuesday Night!! They were summery and delicious, 
even better a day old today too. Recipe found here.

{I bought}
Besides the boring stuff like groceries and Sensodyne?  Some new Nike Free Run's.  I really needed a new pair of runners (that's what we call tennis shoes in Canada btw) and these are the best!  Apparently it's a girl and her shoes thing because it doesn't matter what kind of shoes they are, new shoes make me happy!

{I watched}
So why has no one told me of the show "Revenge" before? It is so addicting and twisted, like Gossip Girl meets Dexter!  Monday's episode of Emily's Bachelorette is next on my list though!

 {I cried about}
After talking to my brother who is in Chile on Skype on Mother's Day...I may have also shed a few tears after the series finale of Desperate Housewives too, the end of Wysteria Lane, the end of an era..Too much?

{I lusted for}
A bathtub shelf, they are just so relaxing looking. Heck throw in a new deep luxurious bathtub while we're at it! Found a tutorial to make your own here. (shelf that is, not a diy tub)

{I got really excited about}
That we are moving! Central air and washer and dryer in the apt. here we come. The actual packing and moving part? Not so much!

The Life of the Wife

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week: Picture Dump

Well Ben has been working a crazy amount of hours, both back in school for the spring and I started my internship early so we have been busy but we still have had a little time for the good stuff.  We got to spend the day together on Mother's Day and had a bbq at my aunts house.  Although it was sad not to be with either of our Mom's on the day, still happy to be with family.  The best part was being able to talk to my little brother via Skype, he is serving a mission for our church in Chile and besides emails once a week, we just get to talk to him twice a year, so it was so great to see him happy and talk to him! I miss him a lot, only 5 months left though!

In other news, we are trying to plan a vacation to New Hampshire/Boston/NYC/Montreal in June to visit  Ben's family and have been checking flight prices almost every hour, why are they so expensive?!? Anyone know of any secret underground airlines that are super cheap? {I realize now that "underground airlines" makes no sense at all}  Also I may have watched the whole first season of the show "Once upon a Time" in less than 2 days, love it, so different but as usual when it comes to my shows, I am obsessed and super invested now!  Snow White and Prince Charming-true love at it's purest!

Well here is mine and Ben's phone picture dump.  Follow me on instagram if you want. {cassietremblay}

On campus in the 7's {in the morning!!}...not really acceptable with me, but pretty!//Crafting for MD//Almond Joy oatmeal, my new favorite breakfast//Cafe Rio, I want to marry this place, could eat if every day.

Went to the Beehive Bazaar market @ The Riverwoods.  Some crazy talented people out there.  It made me want a house and a baby.  Love little local stuff like this though!

Made Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes-that's a mouthful {pun intended}. They are my favorite and so summery and fresh// Love a man in front of a BBQ//Fresh strawberries on steroids// Got a little veggie-chop-happy and made Stir-fry for all of Canada, three days later and still eating left-overs//Burgs

Electric scooter riding and hammock pushing on a beautiful Spring day!

Hope you all are having a great week so far!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A List of Ten | Mother's Day

You know when people say "you are so becoming your mother".  To me this is such a compliment, my mom is amazing and my best friend and such a great example to me of love, compassion, service, faith, hard work and how to raise a family.  I want to be just like her when I grow up, looks like I am on my way...

Over the years, I have noticed I am becoming more like my mother, here is a fun list of ten ways I am "becoming my mother"....

1. I am always cold! I always have a blanket, wear warm pj's to bed.  I have not moved on to the slippers on my feet every waking moment but there is still time.

2. I carry my tweezers with me wherever I go.

3. I love making desserts.

4.  I finally appreciate a good cucumber sandwich.

5. I fall asleep on the couch.  My mom ALWAYS does this.  Although I have not progressed to falling asleep in movie theaters yet, again, there is still time.

6. I am worried about my family. All the time. We are worriers.

7. I am a better "looker" than the people I live with. As in I can find anything that is lost way better than Ben.  My mom amazed us all at this task growing up.

8. I find myself saying random words in other languages, such as "schnell"  haha my mom always said this when she wanted us to hurry up, I have no idea what it means, I think it is German but I find myself saying it sometimes, mostly in my head.  Other populars included "Oshi-des-nay" and "comehereisabita-boch-schnell"???

9.  My writing is getting harder and harder to read...my mom's is illegible, I am on my way....but we can spell like nobody's business!

10. I can shop till I drop.  Well, I have always kind of been able to do this, but it is something we are alike in, we love to shop and have opened and closed many a-malls in our time!

These are just little silly ways I am becoming like my mom, but I really do hope I can become more like her in her selflessness and service and love for others.  I love you mom, it is hard to live so far away but just know I know how much you do for us all the time, the little things that make us feel loved, and you don't always get enough appreciation.  We all appreciate and love you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Go here, then there...

Hey guys, today I am guest posting over at the lovely blog "On the Adventure".  It is all about the blogger blues we can sometimes get when we read other people's blog and start the comparing game.  Does that happen to anybody else?

Go check it out and sweet Michelle's blog!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A day in Park City

On Friday, Ben and I drove up to Park City
to meet our friends Jordan and Britton.
If you are not familiar with Utah, Park City
is a small {ish} touristy, boutique filled, winter skiing city.
It is famous for the "Sundance Film Festival" 
and it is a pretty cute little gem that we have so close to us 
in Provo!

We had so much fun, 
sometimes it is so nice to "get away"
even if it is only an hour away.

We shopped on Main street, well we looked,
boutiques are expensive!
We went to the famous outlets, I wanted EVERYTHING.
I bought a few favorite finds.
We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Maxwell's 
and got the "Fat Kid Pizza" and buffalo wings to share.
I HIGHLY recommend this place if you are ever in PC!

And finally we saw THE AVENGERS!!
We were the first in line as we waited for 
our theatre to be ready.  
I actually loved it!
I was such a little nerd and reading all 
about the comics, the story, 
the future movies and who will be the next villan?
The Hulk was my favorite, and Robert Downey Jr. It was great, 
Ben and I talked about it the whole drive home.

It was such a great Friday.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Morning

Remember how I said I am that person who loves 1:00 church? I know some people feel like it is too late and don't like getting done so late in the afternoon, but I realized I like it so much because I love Sunday Mornings.  Ben and I went through an 8:30 am church stint and it nearly killed us.

Growing up, my dad used to make a big breakfast Sunday morning (breakfast is my dad's thing), waffles+ice cream or french toast+fresh fruit.  It was one of my favorite times of the week at home.  Ben is not a big breakfast eater so we don't usually have the big breakfasts, only on special occasions, but maybe when we have little children, we will have a similar tradition.

Sometimes Ben and I sleep in till noon and then get ready which is perfect sometimes.
Or sometimes we get up early and enjoy the morning.

Ben worked all night last night, so he slept in.  I got up early{ish}, put on my warm robe, caught up on some blogs, tidied up, ate some cheerio's and painted my nails.  I also like to take my time to get ready on Sundays and pick out my "Sunday Best". Sometimes I call home and talk to my family before their church and sometimes I take a bath instead of the usual quick shower.  It is just the best time to relax, to reflect, to cuddle, to eat and to take a little break from the busy week and fun filled weekend.

See? I love my Sunday mornings.  Here's to hoping our new place's meeting time is not before noon!
Happy Sunday.

Friday, May 4, 2012

write a letter, wrote a letter

Dear Ben, you work night shifts. This month you work 21 night shifts.  I know you are the one who has to stay up and work and I appreciate it so much, but I really hate going to bed without you.

Dear Apt. 147, I am super over you and so glad we sold you, but at the same time, you were our first little place as a married couple, and for that we thank you, but I will not miss the intense heat you omit at all times and what is this a center for ants? Your parking spaces need to be at least three times bigger than this!

Dear Friday, I am counting on you, you are our FUN day and you will not dissapoint. You are going to be filled with Park City, outlet shopping, Avengers Premier, playing with friends and most likely delicious food. I can't wait!

Dear Avengers, I have high hopes for you.  We have watched all the movies leading up to you in the past few weeks, Thor was by far the best, sorry Iron Man, you were a close second and Scarlett Johansen? who are you supposed to be again? nice spandex though.

Dear Phone, I took your bulky case off of you after 2 years because I don't care about you anymore.....
Get scratched and bumped all up on that now-much-more-slender-case-less-body of yours.
Upgrade in 20 days, see YA!

Dear Ben, I watched the new episode of Parks and Rec without you while you were at work. I was desperate and have no self control. It was hilarious! Don't worry though I'll be selfless and  watch it again with you and tell you when all the funny parts are coming up, I'm such a good wife.

I realize the majority of these letters were addressed to inanimate objects which is why I am so excited for a day spent with friends tomorrow in Park City!



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Family Pictures

Last week, my amazing friend Jennica
took some pictures of Ben and I at 
the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival.
There were over a quarter million tulips planted all
over the grounds.

We wanted some 
"we've been married for a year and a half and our engagements are over used" pictures, 
and since I will be graduating soon, I wanted 
some Senior Pictures as well.

I really love them, so thank you SO much Jenn!
Here are a few of my favorites::

Skirt:: Anthropologie | Blouse::Banana Republic | Cardigan:: Gap | Shoes:: Nordstrom | Necklace:: Becoming Jewelry

Pants:: The Loft | Blouse:: Banana Republic | Scarf:: Smart Set | Shoes:: Nordstrom

Too many? Probably.

Happy Tuesday!
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