Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Things...

I have never done Jenna's "Last Thing Thursday's" Link up
but it looked like fun so here it goes!

The Last Thing...

{I ate}
Cream Cheese Lemon Bars I made for a BBQ with friends on Tuesday Night!! They were summery and delicious, 
even better a day old today too. Recipe found here.

{I bought}
Besides the boring stuff like groceries and Sensodyne?  Some new Nike Free Run's.  I really needed a new pair of runners (that's what we call tennis shoes in Canada btw) and these are the best!  Apparently it's a girl and her shoes thing because it doesn't matter what kind of shoes they are, new shoes make me happy!

{I watched}
So why has no one told me of the show "Revenge" before? It is so addicting and twisted, like Gossip Girl meets Dexter!  Monday's episode of Emily's Bachelorette is next on my list though!

 {I cried about}
After talking to my brother who is in Chile on Skype on Mother's Day...I may have also shed a few tears after the series finale of Desperate Housewives too, the end of Wysteria Lane, the end of an era..Too much?

{I lusted for}
A bathtub shelf, they are just so relaxing looking. Heck throw in a new deep luxurious bathtub while we're at it! Found a tutorial to make your own here. (shelf that is, not a diy tub)

{I got really excited about}
That we are moving! Central air and washer and dryer in the apt. here we come. The actual packing and moving part? Not so much!

The Life of the Wife

10 comments: said...

you found an apt?? as if you didn't tell me! where? when? how (much)? ha..also im SO excited for the bachelorette this season. monday night actually made me giddy. oh and please please please check out this site (warning: language is slightly offensive at times) it's SO funny. and makes watching the bachelorette even more enjoyable. kloveyoubye

dreaming en francais said...

That shelf looks just about perfect!! Now if only I had a big luxurious tub to go with it.. :) great post lady! xo

Allison Taylor said...

I just made lemon bars too! My new favorite treat. Those new Nike Free Run's are adorable! That shade of blue is great. That's exciting you're moving! Can't wait to see tons of pictures :)

His Little Lady said...

aw, i love revenge! so sad that all my favorite shows are ending their seasons. i can't wait for a few months until the next episodes! and those cream cheese lemon bars look delicious!!!
xo TJ

elise said...

new follower! we are pretty obsessed with revenge in my house! :)

thecoffeehouse said...

I need to go running.
Your shoes told me so.
But my chiro told me to stay put, so my chiro trumps your shoes.

Veronica and Daniel said...

Oh central air, how I wish I had it :) Happy Thursday!

Christina @My Life, Laughs, and Love said...

I swore off of watching this season, but I couldn't turn away from the bachelorette - so curious to see who she chooses!! Have a good one :)

Jamie said...

That shelf looks pretty fantastic! And, I love Emily! I really hope I still like her just as much after the season as I do now. :)

Amber said...

Hi Connie!
Thank you so much for featuring my bathtub shelf! So sweet of you.
{and would u believe, on my birthday? too funny!}

I absolutely LOVE Revenge {it's my favorite} myself & I am absolutely devastated over Desperate Housewives as well...such a small world.

You are so adorably cute & I am so so excited that you get to move! What fun! I always love decorating a new place myself. Good luck sweetie! ;)

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