Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have been on a blog vacation for the last few days
and it because we made a trek up
to the Great White North.

So as of Thursday Ben and I are in Canada!
We got in the car on Wednesday, made a quick stop in 
Helena Montana to get some sleep and 12 hours later
we were in Alberta!

It is my little sister's graduation this weekend
and for months we have been telling my family that we 
couldn't make it.
Little did they know we were 
planning on surprising them the whole time.

We had never surprised them before and 
it was too funny to shock them when we got here!

Total Surprise Achieved!

I love being home.
I love being in Canada.
I am so happy to be here for Carly's grad
and to just spend time at home with the fam.
Not to mention not worrying about work or school 
for a whole weekend!

On the list is relaxing, sleeping in, 
eating poutine and canadian chocolate 
as much as possible, playing with Hailey, 
potluck with the cousins and the whole crew,
judging all the grad dresses and eating 
delicious homemade meals!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Valerie Griffin said...

y'all have a great weekend! said...

I wish I was there with you. i miss home so much lately!

Laura said...

CANADA!!! MY HOME!!! Although I'm from Toronto. I'm living in France and this post makes me miss it. I love Canada too!

Bryanna Peterson said...

Welcome home!! How long are you here for???

Andrea said...

Loved the entrance for Canada! :D Thank you for sharing it. Canadian chocolate, never tasted them before. :/ I found your blog from another blog and really liked it, would you like to follow each other thru GFC? <3

Have a wonderful week,

christine donee said...

Ah so great! Have fun!

Brianna said...

Welcomeh ome to Canada!!!I am from up that way as well (Montreal, Quebec) and it's a beautiful country :)

Recently Roached said...

Being home is the best feeling :)
I've never been to Canada. Sounds like fun!

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