Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week: Picture Dump

Well Ben has been working a crazy amount of hours, both back in school for the spring and I started my internship early so we have been busy but we still have had a little time for the good stuff.  We got to spend the day together on Mother's Day and had a bbq at my aunts house.  Although it was sad not to be with either of our Mom's on the day, still happy to be with family.  The best part was being able to talk to my little brother via Skype, he is serving a mission for our church in Chile and besides emails once a week, we just get to talk to him twice a year, so it was so great to see him happy and talk to him! I miss him a lot, only 5 months left though!

In other news, we are trying to plan a vacation to New Hampshire/Boston/NYC/Montreal in June to visit  Ben's family and have been checking flight prices almost every hour, why are they so expensive?!? Anyone know of any secret underground airlines that are super cheap? {I realize now that "underground airlines" makes no sense at all}  Also I may have watched the whole first season of the show "Once upon a Time" in less than 2 days, love it, so different but as usual when it comes to my shows, I am obsessed and super invested now!  Snow White and Prince Charming-true love at it's purest!

Well here is mine and Ben's phone picture dump.  Follow me on instagram if you want. {cassietremblay}

On campus in the 7's {in the morning!!}...not really acceptable with me, but pretty!//Crafting for MD//Almond Joy oatmeal, my new favorite breakfast//Cafe Rio, I want to marry this place, could eat if every day.

Went to the Beehive Bazaar market @ The Riverwoods.  Some crazy talented people out there.  It made me want a house and a baby.  Love little local stuff like this though!

Made Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes-that's a mouthful {pun intended}. They are my favorite and so summery and fresh// Love a man in front of a BBQ//Fresh strawberries on steroids// Got a little veggie-chop-happy and made Stir-fry for all of Canada, three days later and still eating left-overs//Burgs

Electric scooter riding and hammock pushing on a beautiful Spring day!

Hope you all are having a great week so far!


dreaming en francais said...

I would absolutely love a trip to Boston and NYC. That's going to be a fun trip!! Also your strawberry cheesecake cupcakes look SO yummy! xo


Andrea D said...

I love photo dumps! And those cupcakes look amazing...if you could mail the extras my way, I'd appreciate it :P

Sara said...

Okay, seriously. Those strawberry cheesecake cupcakes look insanely delicious! Love all of these photos, pretty lady! xo

meme-and-he said...

that campus looks beautiful! and I have always wanted an electric scooter. so jealous!

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