Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Love!

Bonne Fete Benjamin (behn-jah-mehhn)

We were just in Montreal for the weekend
 so I am practically French now and as such
I wish my beau a Happy Birthday in Francais!

This is the first year since Ben and I met that we have been together 
(geographically of course).
And I am so happy that we finally get to spend it together!
Even better we get to spend the day with his family.

I guess I just want to tell you that I love you and everything about you.
Yes, even that you take nothing at face value
and have to Google EVERYTHING! 
I am so happy there is a day to celebrate how wonderful you are, 
I don't let you know enough.

Happy Birthday Ben, 
I love you with all that I am.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo Dump

Well I am currently sitting in Londonderry New Hampshire, right next to the air conditioner because it is a whopping 94 degrees and humid ladies and gentlemen.  We are visiting my in-laws on the East Coast and I have been to three new states in the past five days! We stayed in New York for two days, then travelled to Boston and are now staying in New Hampshire, and tomorrow we are off to Montreal!

So as you can see I have been a little preoccupied for blogging, so I am sorry if I have not replied to you or been commenting! I am going to blog about my adventures when we are home and I can really put some time into my posts but for now, here is some instagram lovin from before we left for our trip.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

For my Dad


Thank you for showing me that the only way to eat waffles is smothered in COLD ice cream.
Thank you for showing me how to laugh at everything.
Thank you for teaching me how NOT to drive-haha sorry Dad but we all get carsick.
Thank you for being so good to mom.
Thank you for driving all through the night so that the trip would go by faster for us.
Thank you for being at every single speech competition, basketball, volleyball and soccer game of mine.
Thank you for standing up for me when I wanted to avoid confrontation.
Thank you for driving me to school almost every day in high school so I didn't have to take the lame bus.
Thank you for being so supportive of Ben and I and welcoming him to the family with open arms.
Thank you for watching Hailey so the girls can go shopping for way too long.
Thank you for teaching me that bright blue really is the only color we should ever wear!
Thank you giving me so much confidence, always telling me I looked beautiful.
Thank you for being able to fix anything, putting shelves up, painting my room, putting extra holes in my belt and fixing my car with your bare hands after my hundredth car accident.
Thank you for teaching me that the only way to eat a meal is with a nice 3 minute round of continuous salt and peppering before beginning.
Finally thank you for being an example of being selfless for my family.

I love you. Happy Fathers Day.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Letters of Friday

Letter Time, Letter Time, Letter Time

Dear Rock of Ages, I saw you at midnight tonight, beyond loved you, and you are seriously making me think our parents were so much cooler than us. The 80's were inspired! Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta Jones, you will be in my dreams tonight to the tunes of "POUUUR some SUGAR ON MEEEE!"  
{you are all singing that in your head now aren't you?}

Dear Ben, you have been working like cray cray, which has forced me to spend nights alone watching Criminal Minds Marathons, and now I am too scared to check the mail by myself.  Not even the promise of my birchbox maybe being there is enough to put me in a psycho killer's path. 

Dear East Coast, I will be residing on you in a few short days.  I wish my palette enjoyed sea food so I could appreciate you more.  Your stunning views, best pizza in the world, and romantic light houses on ocean beaches will have to do.

Dear Fro-yo, you and I have been on some pretty delicious dates this week.  I actually drove way out of the way to another fro-yo shop because I didn't want the workers to recognize me at my usual place there for the third night in a myself....loading up on the new hazelnut almond flavor. 

Dear Costco, today I learned that you haven't changed the price of your hotdog and pop combo in 21 years.  YYYYEEEESSSS! Inflation is SO overrated.  And that's why people keep coming back, you daring us to try and spend less than 100 dollars at the till, all for that $1.50 combo to help us drown the buyers remorse over the 82 pound bag of quinoa we just bought.

Dear Ben (because husband's get two), your birthday is in nine days and when you request "computer parts" for a gift from me, I am romanced all over again.  Just kidding, you are the sweetest, but no I will not be getting you anything ending in "byte".

Happy Weekend All!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer is here

So it's summer.
I am officially declaring it.
I think the official day is the 20th but today works better for me.

Here is the list of things I am demanding we do this summer.
I made this using
Sounds like a pokemon.
Annnnnnnnd it's 1:27 am
annnnnd I just made the mistake of watching Criminal Minds
and just jumped out of my skin when my computer made the low battery sound.
So I better go before my computer dies and I am in complete darkness.

Here is the list already!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Around the house

Well we handed over the keys to our old apartment today. It was bittersweet because it was the first place we lived together and had a lot of mems there but mostly sweet cause we kinda hated everything about it by the end.  We are officially IN our new place and I am loving the extra space, the location, the furry carpets, wall to wall mirror/closets and the new ward.  I feel like giddy newlyweds again, as we move in to our new little home-setting things up, finding places for everything, getting organized and decorating!!
We feel happy here!

 Here are a few of the projects from around the house so far...

Moving and ish been a lot of work (Gallery walls are freaking hard) and there have been a million trips to different places all around town but it is finally coming together, and even though there is still a lot I want to do, it already is feeling like home. *Que 90's song by Chantel Krablahlagzzgh?  It feels like home to me*

"So now you've seen the crib, now you gotta go, you guys gotta leave, get out of here! PEACE OUT! " (Have you ever noticed that is always how they end MTV Cribs? By telling them to leave and then proceeding to speed away in some sort of motorized vehicle)

Happy Tuesday because Monday is over!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Wish and I'm Thankful For

Is it really June already? 
With moving and finals and having to catch up on four weeks 
of the Bachelorette {quite the feat}
I must have missed the whole June thing.

I thought it was time for another installment of
 "I Wish and I'm Thankful For" 

I wish I had unlimited pairs of those silky Victoria Secret pajama sets like Kourtney Kardashian, I seriously have never seen her repeat a pair and she wears them every episode.

I'm thankful for my huge drawer full of comfy Christmas pajamas that I can never seem to throw away.  Step 1. Get home from school or work. Step 2. Change immediately into pajamas and stay that way for as long as possible.

I wish Ben didn't have to work so much.  The nights alone are pretty tough and the poor guy loses a lot of sleep.

I am thankful  that he is the type of person who will work so hard.....And that he has two weeks off for our EAST COAST TRIP in 10 days!

I wish I had a personal masseuse at my beck and call.

I am thankful Ben always gives me hand massages when I wiggle my hand enough in his to position it for him and scratches my back before I go to sleep.

I know I wished this before but I wish my family and Ben's family all lived where we lived.  

I am thankful for my Canadian roots, thankful that we will have the opportunity to visit the east coast because they live there, thankful for a warm place to visit in St. George and thankful my little sister will be joining us in Provo in the fall.

I wish that once May hit there were only perfect spring, summery days untill November.

I am thankful for seasons and the smell of rainy days.

Feels good to answer your wishes sometimes.
My first ROH inpired I wish and I'm Thankful for here.
Happy Thursday guys.
Ps-I don't LOVE anyone left on the Bachelorette, it is kind of depressing.
I really liked Arie but then he started talking in that weird femmie baby voice to her.
Sean is ok too.
There are no "JP's" that is for sure. loved him.

Monday, June 4, 2012

I want to remember

A friends wedding in St. George this weekend

Well hello strangers.
It's been a while, 
do you want to know why?
It starts with move and ends with ing.

That is right, we have spent the last few days moving.
We love love our new apartment but the moving process is long...and heavy.

I hate the whole boxes, and lifting and packing part of moving
but I kind of like the opportunity to start fresh, throw junk away 
and re-decorate.

So there is my three paragraph excuse for my lack of blogging.
Anyways in my absence there have been some things 
I want to remember.

I want to remember moving with Ben all day, it was the worst, but kind of fun.  How it took us a good 11 minutes to move our 1000 pound desk about 8 feet.  This was due to my complete lack of biceps.

I want to remember Ben and I's ongoing debate that seems to be fueled by this seasons NBA playoffs about whether Dwayne Wade is hot or not.  Back me up ladies, Mr.Wade is a good looking guy!

I want to remember how when discussing our future babies, Ben said (literally worried)
"But if we get pregnant, all we are going to get for Christmas is baby soft ice cream makers and stuff"
wait what?!!

I want to remember when my baby sister calls me to say hi, that is literally all she wants to say is "hi", then she is done.

I want to remember waking up to notes that Ben sometimes leaves me when he gets home from work (usually at around 4am) They are ALWAYS written on paper towel, without fail.

I want to remember how I felt when attending the sealing and wedding of a friend this weekend. Every wedding of course reminds me of mine and how lucky I am for my husband.

Those are just a few things I don't want to forget!
Check out my other "I want to remember" post.

Now that we actually have internet, I'll be a regular around here again!
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