Sunday, June 17, 2012

For my Dad


Thank you for showing me that the only way to eat waffles is smothered in COLD ice cream.
Thank you for showing me how to laugh at everything.
Thank you for teaching me how NOT to drive-haha sorry Dad but we all get carsick.
Thank you for being so good to mom.
Thank you for driving all through the night so that the trip would go by faster for us.
Thank you for being at every single speech competition, basketball, volleyball and soccer game of mine.
Thank you for standing up for me when I wanted to avoid confrontation.
Thank you for driving me to school almost every day in high school so I didn't have to take the lame bus.
Thank you for being so supportive of Ben and I and welcoming him to the family with open arms.
Thank you for watching Hailey so the girls can go shopping for way too long.
Thank you for teaching me that bright blue really is the only color we should ever wear!
Thank you giving me so much confidence, always telling me I looked beautiful.
Thank you for being able to fix anything, putting shelves up, painting my room, putting extra holes in my belt and fixing my car with your bare hands after my hundredth car accident.
Thank you for teaching me that the only way to eat a meal is with a nice 3 minute round of continuous salt and peppering before beginning.
Finally thank you for being an example of being selfless for my family.

I love you. Happy Fathers Day.


Britteny Jensen said...

haha i loved this...and i have seen your dad do most of these things...does he really only wear bright blue? haha

Ariel Tyler said...

This is so sweet! Love the pictures!

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