Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Love!

Bonne Fete Benjamin (behn-jah-mehhn)

We were just in Montreal for the weekend
 so I am practically French now and as such
I wish my beau a Happy Birthday in Francais!

This is the first year since Ben and I met that we have been together 
(geographically of course).
And I am so happy that we finally get to spend it together!
Even better we get to spend the day with his family.

I guess I just want to tell you that I love you and everything about you.
Yes, even that you take nothing at face value
and have to Google EVERYTHING! 
I am so happy there is a day to celebrate how wonderful you are, 
I don't let you know enough.

Happy Birthday Ben, 
I love you with all that I am.


Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

it was my bens birthday this weekend too! and also the first one that we've actually been in the same state to celebrate :)

love that last picture and hope you guys had a wonderful time :)

Emma Frances said...

Happy Birthday to Ben! :) And I love that he has to google everything! I'm the one that does that in my marriage! It drives my husband a little crazy sometimes!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Montreal for the weekend ... I want your life. :)
A very happy birthday to Ben!

Leann Allred said...

well that's just adorable.

Meagan Murtagh said...

geez. too stinkin' cute!
xo the egg out west.

Sara said...

Absolutely precious! Happy birthday to the Mr.!

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