Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Wish and I'm Thankful For

Is it really June already? 
With moving and finals and having to catch up on four weeks 
of the Bachelorette {quite the feat}
I must have missed the whole June thing.

I thought it was time for another installment of
 "I Wish and I'm Thankful For" 

I wish I had unlimited pairs of those silky Victoria Secret pajama sets like Kourtney Kardashian, I seriously have never seen her repeat a pair and she wears them every episode.

I'm thankful for my huge drawer full of comfy Christmas pajamas that I can never seem to throw away.  Step 1. Get home from school or work. Step 2. Change immediately into pajamas and stay that way for as long as possible.

I wish Ben didn't have to work so much.  The nights alone are pretty tough and the poor guy loses a lot of sleep.

I am thankful  that he is the type of person who will work so hard.....And that he has two weeks off for our EAST COAST TRIP in 10 days!

I wish I had a personal masseuse at my beck and call.

I am thankful Ben always gives me hand massages when I wiggle my hand enough in his to position it for him and scratches my back before I go to sleep.

I know I wished this before but I wish my family and Ben's family all lived where we lived.  

I am thankful for my Canadian roots, thankful that we will have the opportunity to visit the east coast because they live there, thankful for a warm place to visit in St. George and thankful my little sister will be joining us in Provo in the fall.

I wish that once May hit there were only perfect spring, summery days untill November.

I am thankful for seasons and the smell of rainy days.

Feels good to answer your wishes sometimes.
My first ROH inpired I wish and I'm Thankful for here.
Happy Thursday guys.
Ps-I don't LOVE anyone left on the Bachelorette, it is kind of depressing.
I really liked Arie but then he started talking in that weird femmie baby voice to her.
Sean is ok too.
There are no "JP's" that is for sure. loved him.


Elisha(: said...

these past months really haven't seemed real to me!! :P I totally get you.

x. said...

whatever! you have to love Jef. I mean he's from utah, skateboards downt he provo river like a boss, has hair inspired by One Direction, and even though you think he's going to be a total tool/too cool for school.. he ends up being nice and funny and just adorable. love him!

His Little Lady said...

what a great guest post idea!! too perfect!
xo TJ

dreaming en francais said...

What a cute idea for a post! I definitely envy Kourtney Kardashian's silk PJ collection.. but there's also nothing wrong with sporting Christmas PJs year-round! xo

Jenn @ PSP said...

Okay, I absolutely love this. If you ever make this a link-up, I want in : ) I'm learning lately it's all in perspective - and there's actually a lot to be thankful for. I love the smell of rainy days too : ) And I totally understand family being far, but probably not as far as yours.

Sadie Dear said...

I can't believe we're already a week into June. I almost missed the boat, too. Also, I love the idea behind this post: wishing and then taking time to be grateful for what you have. I think it's healthy to keep all that in perspective!

Laura said...

I read that part about you moving Ben's hand to scratch your back to my boyfriend...he knows exactly what that is ;)

Taryn Rhodes said...

I love this blog and this post is completely adorable could hit the follow button fast enough!

his little lady said...

i know! i still can't believe that it's june already! and isn't the bachelorette intense?! so pumped for tonights episode!
xo TJ

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