Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer is here

So it's summer.
I am officially declaring it.
I think the official day is the 20th but today works better for me.

Here is the list of things I am demanding we do this summer.
I made this using
Sounds like a pokemon.
Annnnnnnnd it's 1:27 am
annnnnd I just made the mistake of watching Criminal Minds
and just jumped out of my skin when my computer made the low battery sound.
So I better go before my computer dies and I am in complete darkness.

Here is the list already!


Laura said...

Isn't wordle just an amazing website!!!! said...

hiking? camping? you've changed... for the best!

Emily said...

I LOVE Wordle!!...had actually forgotten about it. Love your list...Sno cones!!!

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