Saturday, July 14, 2012


Wow I have fallen off the blogging wagon.
I just started working full time this last week and am having a hard time getting used to this 9-5 ish.
I am way behind on my blogging now and still have so much to tell you about our trip!
So here is installment number two of our vacay-

Although we actually stayed in New Hampshire with Ben's family, Boston was really close and 
so we went there a lot!  
I have a confession-Boston was my favorite! 
Sorry New Yorkers but I really loved it there.

The first trip we made to Boston was to go visit the famous Boston Museum of Science!
Ben has two little 5-year-old twin brothers and a little baby sister so the kids were in heaven! It was actually really cool to go and Ben kind of likes that nerdy "How-it's-Made" stuff.
It's Science.

Our next trip to Boston was one of my favorite days of our whole trip-RED SOX Game.  I have never been to a pro-baseball game and what better way to start than Fenway Park.  On our way up we stopped at an amazing muffin place.  These were muffins on steroids!  They had icing and cream and were huge and had flavors like gingerbread, Boston creme and strawberry shortcake.

We then stopped by the beautiful Boston Temple to walk around and take a billion pictures!  We sure look like a Red Sox Family!

We drove to take the T (subway) into Boston and wow I thought NYC subways were crowded, try taking a subway on a home game.  It was quite the squished and sweaty adventure but it was fun seeing whole cars packed to the brim with crazy fans!  When we got to Fenway, it was like a little village, so many people, so many hotdogs and sausages and the stadium was amazing!

Although I didn't know what was going on the whole time.  I loved the atmosphere! Fenway Franks, crazy fans, Sweet Caroline at the eighth inning, peanuts and they won! I am so thankful to Ben's parents for making this happen!

Our last trip to Boston was Downtown Boston and where I really fell in love.  We walked the freedom trail, visited Faneuil Hall and the Market, Went to Old Italy and ate some of the best food ever!

The old with the new.

Overall Boston was one of the coolest cities I have ever been to!  I think it would be a really fun place to live and at the least I want to go back and visit and be able to explore for weeks!  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New York City

{This post is stupid-long and took me like three days to finish so I totally understand if you can'g get through it}

Well we got back from our amazing two week vacation yesterday.  Besides the horrid 18-hour-with-horrible-cold travel day where we had near death experiences in a NYC cab, flight delays and sprinting through the Chicago airport to make our connection flight by seconds it was an incredible trip!

I know a lot of you probably won't care about the umpteenth picture of Ben and I in front of something cool, but for journaling purposes you bet these posts are going to contain way too many pictures and details!  I am going to divide our trip into four posts-NYC, Montreal, New Hampshire and Boston.

Here goes-New York City!

I have always wanted to go to New York, It was my dream vacation. It was all our first time there (Me, Ben and my Brother in Law Gab) and so I was sure to make an anal minute by minute itinerary for the two short days we were going to be there.

We took a red eye flight at midnight out of Salt Lake, so we arrived in New York at around 6 am Eastern Time, which was 4 am our time.  Needless to say, we were so tired we could hardly see straight!! The worse part? We couldn't check in our hotel until 3 pm.

We took our first NYC subway ride over to manhatten, not as glamorous as I expected, actually pretty gross but felt like a New Yorker none-the-less.  I was blown away by all the different people, cultures, languages and just so so much diversity.  You're not in Provo anymore, Cassie!

We found where our hotel was so that we could leave our bags there while we walked around.  We stayed at Radio City Apartments, they were very small but the location was awesome! Only 1 block from Rockefeller Plaza and a couple blocks from Times Square.

We grabbed breakfast and then headed over to Rockefeller Plaza to check it out and also get in line for Jimmy Fallon Show standby tickets.

Rockefeller Plaza was really cool.  There were stores hosting memoribila from a lot of my fav shows, a huge concourse of shops, including two storie Anthropologie and J crew=heaven, and yes, it felt like we were on 30 Rock just a little bit.  We ended up not making it on standby to Jimmy Fallon that day but decided to try again the next day and get there earlier.  We then explored Fifth Ave breifly since none of the stores were open yet, but walked in the amazing Saint Thomas Church which was like nothing I had ever seen before.

Next we walked over to Times Square (PS-people told me you walk a lot in NYC, OMG we walked a LOT! We had to keep going back to Brookstone in Rockefeller to get our feet massaged and after two days I don't think my feet could make it another day)  Times Square was beautiful, in a city and lights kind of way and really felt like the Movies! We sat on the "Glee Bleachers" and people watched for a while and just soaked in the craziness of it.  (Remember at this point we still had not slept at all).  We called our hotel and begged for an early check in and our wish was granted.  We booked it back to the hotel and slept for 3 hours.

When we woke up we headed for Lunch at the famous Shake Shack.  I had heard nothing but great things about this place from fellow bloggers and reviews.  It did not dissappoint.  Sorry to say but these burgers put IN N OUT to shame.  Maybe one of the best burgers I have ever had.  I also loved the custard, I wish we could have gone there even a second time but alas, 2 days was not long enough.

After walking back to Rockefeller and realizing that we didn't get into Jimmy Fallon, we decided to head over to Central Park.  We got off at the wrong subway stop on accident and so walked the rest of the way (not a happy camper) but Central Park was well worth it and maybe my favorite part about New York.  It was huge, we didn't even begin to see all of it and so pretty.  Plus I liked seeing all the people there, people biking, running, performers, wedding pictures etc.  Next time I want to rent bikes but I am pretty sure Gab didn't want to literally be the third wheel.

After Central Park, and being completely exhausted, I forced the boys to take another Subway to Grimaldi's Pizzeria which I had great reviews on, instead of just grab Mcdonalds and head to bed.  The pizza was great but possibly the worst service I have ever had, with the server not saying more than 2 words to us at a time.  Finally we headed to bed after a whirlwind first day in New York.

Our second and last day in NYC went by just as fast.  We woke up super early, grabbed bagels from a street cart (So New Yorker! ha) and went again and waited in line for Jimmy Fallon Tickets.  We then took the subway to Lower Manhatten to go see Ground Zero and the new Freedom Towers.  They were unbelievably tall and it was really cool to see.  Although we didn't have time for the tour because it was so busy, I am glad we saw them and took a minute to think about that day.  I will not tell you the next part where I saw a line of over 1000 girls on Beiber Blvd. waiting to meet him and get their new cd's signed, and I had to walk away from said line in tears-it is too painful to talk about.

Next Stop-CHINATOWN!  This place was crazy, but I loved it and as soon as a Chinese Lady rushed me away to her secret compartments of beautiful fake Tory Burch and Micheal Khors, I got a serious rush!  It was really fun bartering and finding good stuff, and just cool to see this part of town.  I could have stayed there for a lot longer, but bye bye money!  So we headed back to Midtown to see if we made the Jimmy Fallon Show.  

We then proceeded to wait like three hours to see if we got in to Fallon.  If I were to do this again, I would not try to do standby, it took a lot of time and was really unsure.  It ended kind of horribly with them only taking 12 people in.  We were numbers 11, 12, 13.  Gab, Ben's brother was so nice and told us to go ahead, and he would just go find something to do.  As excited as I was to go to the show, I was so sad that Gab didn't. I felt soo bad.  The show was really cool, it was differnet than I expected, and they make you clap A LOT, but we saw Michelle Pheipher, Cedric the Entertainer and some band.  The best part was that they did a scene where they came into the crowd to do a "preach-off" so Ben and I were on camera a ton!!!  So of course we called the fam and told them to record it.  I kind of hated watching it after becuase  I look so gay but we were totally famous for like 3 minutes so whatevs!  After that, we grabbed our bags and took a cab to the bus stop where we would take a miserable four hour bus ride to Boston that night!

I think overall I watched too much Gossip Girl and SITC.  New York was amazing and so fun to see but definitley not that glamorous if you don't have a lot of money.  It was 25 dollars a person just to go to the top of the Rock or the Empire State Building.  So we did the next best thing and pretended (see pic below). The people who served us were not very nice anywhere we went but we did meet a lot of really nice tourists.  Anyways, I am so happy we got our quick NY adventure in and I definitely want to go back!

Boston here we come!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day All!
I know a lot of you probably didn't know this holiday existed, 
let alone it was on July 1st, 
but I am happy to announce that today is a day we celebrate this great country.

Today I unfortunately am stuck in buses and airports all day, 
but I wish I was at the Raymond Parade and the Henderson Lake Fireworks tonight, 
but I am sporting my red Canada shirt all up in NYC right now!

Even though gas and cereal are super expensive
and we don't have dollar menu's or 5 dollar foot longs, 
and all politics aside, 
I am so proud to be Canadian.
I love my home and my country, 

So Happy Birthday Canada!
145 years strong!

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