Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thoughts on a Sunday

  • I haven't acknowledged it on here yet but my best friend/ cousin Kylie got engaged last month and I am so excited for her. It's hard because I really really want to be living in the same state right now to plan and play but I still can't wait for the wedding in November in AZ!
  • Tomorrow I am heading to Northern California for 5 days for a work trip.  I am going solo and even though I am excited for the opportunity, I am SO nervous....mostly about driving in California and being there by myself for 5 days! Wish me Luck.
  • Today was my nephew's baby blessing.  He is so precious and it was so nice to be with all of Ben's family. I am so happy for Sam and Willson and I love baby Tosh.

  • My baby sister turned 11 today! Happy Birthday Hailey Girl!  I got really homesick hearing about the party they had at our house.  My sister Carly will be here to go to school this week and my brother will be home from his mission in Chile in two months! Big things!
  •  Ben is a madman and working two jobs with crazy hours.  I don't really remember what he looks like...Meanwhile I haven't cooked in about two months. Wife Fail.
  • I officially love the show "Suits".  You know you are getting old when you like shows on USA network and discuss the latest episodes with your parents haha
  • I can't believe summer is over and school starts next week! It has been a crazy and busy and exciting summer for us but I am looking forward to more of a routine and friends being back in town and new pencils and notebooks.  I have a thing for school supplies.
That's it, that's all. Happy Sunday!  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

BYU Grad: What I Wish I Knew Then

(Please read this whole post with Vitamin C's "Graduation-Friends Forever" song playing in your head)

Last weekend I graduated from BYU!
Even though it was kind of fake because I still have to go back for one last class in the fall,
it was a proud moment. 
I have loved my college years, I have honestly had the time of my life here.
I made life long friends, had more fun than I can possibly describe and wouldn't change anything!
As much as I complained about school and couldn't wait to finally graduate,
I think I am going to be really sad when
August doesn't mean "back to school".

This is me and my besties on our very first day at BYU '07

Me and the fam (Minus Matt and Hailey) on Graduation Day '12

Looking back at my BYU time I decided to compile a list of things I wish I would have known when I started BYU, lessons learned if you will.

1. The Pendulum Court (The Pendj) is BYU's best kept secret...find it and keep it that way.
2.  When people tell you that you still have tons of time to figure out what your major is and what you want to do because you are still so young-they are LYING! Figure it out as soon as possible so all your friend's don't graduate way before you.
3. Test Late Days are the best-5 dolla 5 dolla
4. That building that looks like a greenhouse? It's actually the library.  Learn your floor.
6. Don't buy books until two weeks in, some teacher's don't even have you use them and they will still be in plastic wrap by finals week!  When the teacher tells you you HAVE to have the new edition, they are just kidding.  Also, never expect the bookstore to buy back your books, you will walk out sorely disappointed with no money and just a stupid little Kit-Kat bar.
7. JSB, JKB, JFSB-you will need to know the difference, they are on opposite ends of campus so beware.
8. Hiking the Y and Old School Roller Disco Skating are both much harder than they look.
9.  If you are going to sit alone in the Cougar Eat-LOOK BUSY!
10. Area 51 is a sick sick place, but you have to do it at least once a year.
11. If you use space and position limbs wisely, 15 people can fit in a 1994 Toyota Corolla but try to make at least two friends who have cars freshman year.
12. Be at least a half hour early for all weekend dollar movies or they will be sold out.
13. Don't ever write a letter to the school paper saying BYU is too obsessed with Jimmer.  You will be publicly destroyed.

I am actually tearing up writing this post and looking back at pictures from the last five years.  The years here cannot be recreated and I am so happy that I made the last minute decision to pack up and come to BYU.

Best. Time. Ever.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is where we spent the majority of our time.  It is where Ben's dad and step mom and little brothers and sisters live, so it was obviously my favorite part.  The twins (six) are the cutest and so much fun and the little baby (one and a half) I never wanted to put down.  Visiting them was the whole reason we went out there and I am so happy we got to spend the time with them that we did.  They were constantly entertaining us and I feel the best way to document our time there is with pictures!

This was their backyard.  New Hampshire had SO SO many trees.  It was seriously like camping, except you were in houses! It was so pretty and fresh.

Ben's Dad, Kim, Joshua, Joseph and Alex....I love them!

Isn't she adorable?

Playing with the babes

Went to the beach and Lake Winnipesaukee

We went to a drive in movie, bowling, go-karting and the driving range!

The girls got to go shopping at the new outlet mall!

We went strawberry picking and to a huge flea market as well
And so so much good food!

Our two weeks on the East Coast really was an amazing trip and I can't wait to go back.  I am so lucky that I get along with Ben's family and that they are so good to us!  Really the best part was just playing with the boys, talking with Kim, eating dinner all together, playing games till late at night and watching Alex laugh and dance in the car!  A perfect trip.

The end.

Bienvenue à Montréal

So I am just going to pretend that super long blogging hiatus never happened.  I just sat down and read blogs for like an hour so now I am super inspired again.  I have yet to finish chronicling our East Coast trip so here goes Montreal!

The drive to Montreal from New Hampshire was beautiful and as soon as we crossed the border into Canada I expected to feel like I was home.  It did NOT feel like my Canada though, it was like a different country, mostly because I couldn't read any of the signage or anything.  I practiced my french by reading every single sign aloud as we passed.  The boys put a stop to that really quick though.  Our first stop was Ben's grandparents, who live right on St. Lawrence river, they took us to Smoked Meat Pete's and we had a delicious traditional Quebecian (?) smoked meat meal-it was amazing!  It was great to see them and catch up  as well.

We were staying at Ben's other grandma's house in Laval and that night we played with aunts and uncles and cousins and I doubled my french vocabulary which wasn't hard when all I can say is Pen and how old are you?  I wish I could speak it so bad.

The next day Ben's uncle took us to "Old Montreal", we walked the pier and the cobblestone streets, went into all the little tourist shops and of course ate poutine!  For all of you who don't know what poutine is-you're missing out.  It is a Canadian delicacy that involves french fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy and then whatever toppings you like.  It may look and sound gross but it is beyond delicious!

The rest of the time was spent with Ben's family and we drove back the next day to New Hampshire. Montreal was so great, besides the fact that there are no refills on pop anywhere (this was mind blowing to Ben) I loved seeing the other side of Canada and where my husband was born and partly raised but mostly it was so great seeing Ben's family who we don't get to see very often.

J'aime Montréal

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