Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thoughts on a Sunday

  • I haven't acknowledged it on here yet but my best friend/ cousin Kylie got engaged last month and I am so excited for her. It's hard because I really really want to be living in the same state right now to plan and play but I still can't wait for the wedding in November in AZ!
  • Tomorrow I am heading to Northern California for 5 days for a work trip.  I am going solo and even though I am excited for the opportunity, I am SO nervous....mostly about driving in California and being there by myself for 5 days! Wish me Luck.
  • Today was my nephew's baby blessing.  He is so precious and it was so nice to be with all of Ben's family. I am so happy for Sam and Willson and I love baby Tosh.

  • My baby sister turned 11 today! Happy Birthday Hailey Girl!  I got really homesick hearing about the party they had at our house.  My sister Carly will be here to go to school this week and my brother will be home from his mission in Chile in two months! Big things!
  •  Ben is a madman and working two jobs with crazy hours.  I don't really remember what he looks like...Meanwhile I haven't cooked in about two months. Wife Fail.
  • I officially love the show "Suits".  You know you are getting old when you like shows on USA network and discuss the latest episodes with your parents haha
  • I can't believe summer is over and school starts next week! It has been a crazy and busy and exciting summer for us but I am looking forward to more of a routine and friends being back in town and new pencils and notebooks.  I have a thing for school supplies.
That's it, that's all. Happy Sunday!  


miss aubrey said...

WAIT! You're coming to norcal?! If you have a minute you need to meet Teddy! <3 safe travels! And driving here is not bad so don't worry!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is so cool! :) It's nice to meet you, sounds like you are a busy girl. Come to my link-up party today if you have some time!
Wanderlust Wednesdays

blue roses said...

i travel solo for work A LOT, mostly in europe.... it is nerve wracking at first, and can be a bit isolating (especially when you do not speak the language), but, when you open yourself up, can also be a wonderful adventure. i think it is an important skill to be comfortable traveling, dining, exploring alone. enjoy! california is lovely!

Joanna said...

love your blog! November is the perfect time to visit AZ ( I live here)


Joanna said...

love your blog! November is the perfect time to visit AZ ( I live here)

:) said...

thanks for the shout out cass! your mom told me about your trip from HEdoublehockeysticks in SF. SORRY! ill take responsibility for that one. miss you, love you! talk to you soon!

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