Friday, September 28, 2012

Letters for Friday

Dear Ben, why is is that every time I get into the car after you have been driving it is on the 90's music channel? I'm onto you. 

Dear Shonda Rhimes (creator of both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice), the amount of emotional turmoil you have put me through this week is too much to take.  Stop killing my friends!

Dear little baby, only three more days till your identity is revealed! I can't wait!

Dear Fall, are you in or out? I can't keep having my car on high heat in the morning and high AC when I go home.  It is confusing.

Dear instagram, am I the only one who follows complete strangers because I want you to have new pictures every single time I refresh?

Dear Pregnancy, I'm over the puking but thanks for answering my middle school prayers and moving me up a few sizes (if you know what I mean!?)

Dear Ben, thanks for pretending like you actually care when I call you balling while you are at work due to above mentioned episodes created by the morbid Shonda Rhimes.  I really do appreciate it!


Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Laterpost: Echo Lake 2012

Well I was sick at home two days this week!
Pregnancy is so fun #sarcasm.
So what do you do besides lay on an air mattress in your living room and 
watch 14 episodes of White Collar?
You look through every single photo you have ever put on your computer!

This photo session made me realize I never blogged about our trip to Echo Lake!
Echo Lake in Montana is one of my favorite places on earth.
The water is warm, it is beautiful, it is not to small and not to big and the company is perfect!
I look forward to our Annual MacLennan family reunion there all year!

Even though I am a couple months late I still wanted to document our mini vacation there.
This year did not disappoint.

We eat amazing food all day every day, swim, boat, tube, ski/wakeboard, stay up late playing games, have campfires, trips into town, eat a bajillion fresh Montana cherries, play with babies, canoe, jump off roofs, turtle bay swim fest, lay out, chat, REPEAT!

It is so relaxing and I love being there with my whole family.
It makes me really appreciate how close my extended family is and how everyone makes an effort to be together.  It really is usually the best part of my summer.

Even though I was pretty nauseated leading up to the trip, miraculously I felt pretty great the whole time we were there!  Now a slew of way too many but awesome pictures.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Sometimes you need something to look forward to


October 1-We find out the sex of the baby!!!
October 6-7-General Conference Weekend
October 6-7-My bestie comes to visit and her bridal shower.
October 9-Our TWO YEAR wedding anniversary!
October 12-13-Anniversary weekend get-a-way
October 11-Vampire Diaries Season 4 Premiere
.October 18-Trip home to Canada
October 19-My brother comes home from his two year mission in Chile!
October 21-Matt's homecoming talk
October 27-Halfway mark in Pregnancy and 20 week ultrasound
October 30-Mom's Birthday!
October 31-All Hallows Eve

It's going to be a good one!

Happy first official day of Fall to all!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Breaking the News

So I was REALLY excited to tell our family about the babe!  I think I exhausted every creative idea out there to tell the fam on this first child so my poor second one will probably be announced via text.

The first person I told was my mom, I couldn't wait and didn't tell her in a cool way because I was too desperate to tell someone, I was barley pregnant and I had so many questions!  She will be baby's grandma slash nurse! We plotted how to tell my dad and Carly and Hailey and decided to wait till we were there in person in a couple of weeks.

We told Ben's parents by sending them this picture:

You know? A bun in the oven!? Ben's mom was hilarious she was like "ya you have a really clean oven"  "Is that a burrito?"  She finally figured it out and was so excited!  Ben's dad and Kim also took a little while, I don't know if "a bun in the oven" is a french expression but once Kim saw it she knew right away.  Ben's little twin brothers when they saw a pregnant lady on tv asked if she had a bun in the oven.

We headed to Canada the next week for a MacLennan family reunion.  We only had a day at my house before we headed to Echo Lake so I wanted to tell my dad and sisters that day.  My mom made a shirt for my baby sister that said "I'm too young to be Aunt" and on the back it said "March 2013"  We put Hailey in the shirt right after dinner and let her walk into the living room.  My dad and Carly looked RIGHT at her many times but I guess did not bother to read her shirt.  About 10 minutes later I finally told them to look at the shirt I brought Hailey.  They finally read it and it clicked! Took them long enough!!  It was really fun to finally have them know!

I told my best friend after she got engaged.  I was on the phone with her and told her I just sent her an email with my bridesmaid dress measurements.
It read something like this:
Chest-34DD (hahah yeah....right)
Waist: non-existent
Belly: 180 inches

Obviously I was exaggerating but she got the point!

Next up-The MacLennan Family!  It was perfect because we were all together for the reunion and I knew I had to tell them the first night due to the morning sickness so they wouldn't figure me out.  So we told everyone to get together for a picture so we could send it to my brother that night (he is on his mission in Chile).  We convinced everyone to let Ben take it so he could record it instead of just camera and look what happened:
It is funny because they all just repeated after Ben, then they all realized the surprise a couple seconds later.  Too bad Ben's subpar video skills missed the hugging and screaming part but you get the idea!  We sent this video to my little brother in Chile!

Finally to tell my mom's side of the family.  I decided to kill two birds with one stone and send out my graduation announcement and pregnancy announcement in one.  This is the picture they got emailed:

I am so happy that everyone was so excited for us and supportive and it really was so fun to tell everyone!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Letter Love

Dear Ben: I freaking hate the show "COPS" I can't believe you like it, thanks for changing the channel before I had a meltdown.

Dear Bladder: You sure got small lately! See you at 4:30am? Peeerrrfffeeeccccttt!

Dear September: I just love the smell of your fresh TV show Premieres, I really can't wait!

Dear Bebe: Are you a boy or a girl? Can you give me a sign or something?

Dear Air Mattress set up in the middle of the living room: I love you, having a bed in every room in the house is the best, no matter what my husband says, you are not going anywhere!

Dear Hair: Sorry I cut you all off, even though my pre-nates were making you grow longer, I couldn't take you for one more second!

Dear America: THANK YOU! I told you so everybody!! (See below) I appreciate the back up Cosmo!

Dear Ben: We are high fiving a lot latley. I kind of like it!

Have a good weekend guys!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Test

Well since I have had to keep a secret for the last three months, I have lots to catch up on! Starting with the day we found out.  It was different than I expected, I totally pictured a "Marley and Me" moment that involved a dog, crying and a new necklace that I would wear forever. It was more just a total shock but a happy shock.

Ben and I knew we wanted to get pregnant this fall, it just happened a lot quicker than we thought it would!  We had a feeling I might be while were on our East Coast Trip, but I kept thinking that there was no way it could have happened that quick.  We decided to wait until we were back home to take a test.

We got home on July 1st and the next morning, we ran some errands and picked up the test! We even spent the extra five dollars for the digital kind.  I started chugging water!  My heart was beating faster all day but I was still pretty sure I was not pregnant.

We got home and I put it off for like fifteen minutes because I was so nervous.  Finally Ben forced me in to the bathroom, I did my thing and then put the test face down on the counter and shut the door.  I made us wait the whole 5 minutes and I just kept telling myself "no way".  We argued about who got to look first and decided to just try and do it at the same time.

We went into the bathroom I grabbed the test, flipped it over and in very clear words were PREGNANT!  I was seriously in shock.  I just kept saying no way, is this real?, we're pregnant?  We were both really excited but I didn't really think it was real.  So I took the second test in the box....still pregnant! Over the next few weeks I sent Ben out to the store to get multiple tests to confirm this craziness over and over again.

I did the most logical thing and took to Google.  I googled everything from due dates to insurance to pregnancy test accuracy, I couldn't believe there was a little poppy seed in me.  Ben and I grabbed some celebratory Cafe Rio and then he had to go to work.  I went to Barnes and Noble, bought What to Expect When your Expecting and read it cover to cover.  no joke.

The weeks after it still didn't feel real, I wasn't really feeling any symptoms yet and thought I maybe wasn't going to get sick.....yeah.....right!  We had our first doctors appt. at eight weeks and I asked about a bajillion questions.  We really like our doctor so that is really comforting.  I learned I should probably stop googling things and I was surprised about how many pregnancy myths were just that.  We also had an ultrasound and learned that I was two weeks less pregnant than what I thought, which was kind of a bummer to me because that probably meant two more weeks of being sick.

Even now at almost 14 weeks, just barley showing, I still can't believe it sometimes.  I think when we get to see it on the ultrasound, find out the gender and feel it move it's going to feel a lot more real.

We feel blessed.

Want to see some fruit?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The eggo is preggo

First off thank you so much for all the sweet baby love!
We waited the kosher "out of the first trimester" timeline to go public, but it has been so fun 
to finally tell everyone!
Now I have an excuse for being a pathetic blogger the last 3 months right?
Even though we are SO happy to be pregnant, 
these last three months have not been easy!

I have been SICK!
OMG this babe hates everything I put in my stomach and makes me get rid of it asap.
It has been pretty constant 24/7 nausea which has been the hardest part.  
I have also been pathetically tired.
I quite literally cannot do anything after 3pm when I get home from work.
The other night I started picking some stuff up around the house and Ben started taking 
pictures because he didn't know the next time it would happen.

This week, being out of my first trimester, everyone is telling me it will get better 
and I will get my appetite and my energy back.
I'm waiting.....

Now that my rant is over, we really are so excited.
I love talking to Ben about baby names and the kind of parents we are going to be.
You know Kris Jenner vs. Bruce Jenner style? 
It still kind of seems unreal to me, 
I really can't believe I am going to be a mom.
I think it will sink in more when we find out the gender and I "pop"!
Ben wants a boy. I want a girl. Classic.
Of course we will be happy with either I just have way cuter names picked out for girls.....which I will do my best to keep a surprise till the birth day but have actually told most people so never mind.

I dream about the baby almost every night. 
Sometimes it's a boy and sometimes I dream it's a girl.
Mostly they are scary dreams like the baby comes out as 3 year old....Yikes.
The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart which is said to be 90% positive
says I am having a boy.  I'm not even mad.

A few more updates
-My hair is turning brown
-I read an article "Things they don't tell you about giving birth" and highly regret it.
-The best part so far has been telling family and friends
-I bought the first thing for the baby last week.  very cream, very gender neutral.
-I cry. alot. omg. I'm probably crying right now.
-Contrary to the title of this post I really don't like the words preggo and preggers.T
-No cravings, just diet coke, mostly just everything. Sadly, I will probably never eat quinoa or cook hamburger ever again.
-I notice pregnant people everywhere.
-Ben has been so so good to me.  My only complaint is his refusal to throw out any reasonable name to the naming of our future child conversation.

I think now that the news is out, I will be more inspired to blog.  
You know about me throwing up at my desk at work and going to sleep at 9pm....EXCITING!! 

 Can't believe I am putting this on here, but ever since I was little after I throw up I have to hold a hot washcloth over my face.  Ben thinks this is highly unusual and likes to take pictures.
 The first purchase!
 Oh you know, just your everyday grocery shop.
 Literally the day before the nauseousness hit.....good times!
 Bebe swag bag
He is a natural with our nephew.  Told you I was crying as we speak.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spring Baby!

Blonde or Brunette?
I guess we will see March 2013.
We are so excited!

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