Saturday, September 22, 2012


Sometimes you need something to look forward to


October 1-We find out the sex of the baby!!!
October 6-7-General Conference Weekend
October 6-7-My bestie comes to visit and her bridal shower.
October 9-Our TWO YEAR wedding anniversary!
October 12-13-Anniversary weekend get-a-way
October 11-Vampire Diaries Season 4 Premiere
.October 18-Trip home to Canada
October 19-My brother comes home from his two year mission in Chile!
October 21-Matt's homecoming talk
October 27-Halfway mark in Pregnancy and 20 week ultrasound
October 30-Mom's Birthday!
October 31-All Hallows Eve

It's going to be a good one!

Happy first official day of Fall to all!


Emma Frances said...

October is a good month for you! :] I can't wait to hear about all of your October adventures!!

The Adventurer said...

Okay, Cass, your life is SO FULL OF EXCITEMENT!! I can't wait to meet that baby in a few months. And by meet, you know, I mean :) Have a sweet week, friend!

Sierra said...

Wow. That seriously IS the best month ever! Awesome!
Hope all is well.
Oh, Just Living the Dream

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