Thursday, September 20, 2012

Breaking the News

So I was REALLY excited to tell our family about the babe!  I think I exhausted every creative idea out there to tell the fam on this first child so my poor second one will probably be announced via text.

The first person I told was my mom, I couldn't wait and didn't tell her in a cool way because I was too desperate to tell someone, I was barley pregnant and I had so many questions!  She will be baby's grandma slash nurse! We plotted how to tell my dad and Carly and Hailey and decided to wait till we were there in person in a couple of weeks.

We told Ben's parents by sending them this picture:

You know? A bun in the oven!? Ben's mom was hilarious she was like "ya you have a really clean oven"  "Is that a burrito?"  She finally figured it out and was so excited!  Ben's dad and Kim also took a little while, I don't know if "a bun in the oven" is a french expression but once Kim saw it she knew right away.  Ben's little twin brothers when they saw a pregnant lady on tv asked if she had a bun in the oven.

We headed to Canada the next week for a MacLennan family reunion.  We only had a day at my house before we headed to Echo Lake so I wanted to tell my dad and sisters that day.  My mom made a shirt for my baby sister that said "I'm too young to be Aunt" and on the back it said "March 2013"  We put Hailey in the shirt right after dinner and let her walk into the living room.  My dad and Carly looked RIGHT at her many times but I guess did not bother to read her shirt.  About 10 minutes later I finally told them to look at the shirt I brought Hailey.  They finally read it and it clicked! Took them long enough!!  It was really fun to finally have them know!

I told my best friend after she got engaged.  I was on the phone with her and told her I just sent her an email with my bridesmaid dress measurements.
It read something like this:
Chest-34DD (hahah yeah....right)
Waist: non-existent
Belly: 180 inches

Obviously I was exaggerating but she got the point!

Next up-The MacLennan Family!  It was perfect because we were all together for the reunion and I knew I had to tell them the first night due to the morning sickness so they wouldn't figure me out.  So we told everyone to get together for a picture so we could send it to my brother that night (he is on his mission in Chile).  We convinced everyone to let Ben take it so he could record it instead of just camera and look what happened:
It is funny because they all just repeated after Ben, then they all realized the surprise a couple seconds later.  Too bad Ben's subpar video skills missed the hugging and screaming part but you get the idea!  We sent this video to my little brother in Chile!

Finally to tell my mom's side of the family.  I decided to kill two birds with one stone and send out my graduation announcement and pregnancy announcement in one.  This is the picture they got emailed:

I am so happy that everyone was so excited for us and supportive and it really was so fun to tell everyone!


Meg said...

You are so clever! These ideas are so so cute! I know I already told you, but I'm so excited for you/congratulations!! :-)

Beth said...

So exciting and SO adorable!

Valerie Griffin said...

so excited for you, CONGRATS!

Emily said...

SO fun!! I love all of the ideas!

parfums said...

so nice ideas. i love all of them.
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thecottagediaries said...

Congratulations! I'm new here and your newest follower too :)

This is a lovely post, my husband and I often discuss how we will tell our families we're pregnant (not that we're trying yet). It must be such an emotional time.

All the best


Amanda Schroeder said...

Oh my gosh HOW CUTE!! Congratulations! How freakin awesome. I'm your newest follower and SO EXCITED!

Amanda @

Kate said...

graduating with child. i love that. so funny. congratulations, pretty girl!

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