Friday, September 14, 2012

Letter Love

Dear Ben: I freaking hate the show "COPS" I can't believe you like it, thanks for changing the channel before I had a meltdown.

Dear Bladder: You sure got small lately! See you at 4:30am? Peeerrrfffeeeccccttt!

Dear September: I just love the smell of your fresh TV show Premieres, I really can't wait!

Dear Bebe: Are you a boy or a girl? Can you give me a sign or something?

Dear Air Mattress set up in the middle of the living room: I love you, having a bed in every room in the house is the best, no matter what my husband says, you are not going anywhere!

Dear Hair: Sorry I cut you all off, even though my pre-nates were making you grow longer, I couldn't take you for one more second!

Dear America: THANK YOU! I told you so everybody!! (See below) I appreciate the back up Cosmo!

Dear Ben: We are high fiving a lot latley. I kind of like it!

Have a good weekend guys!


Chelsea Dawn said...

I am counting down the days until all my favorite TV shows premiere! New follower from the Friday's Letters link up :)

simply jane said...

team stefan!! =)

Nicholl Vincent said...

i can't wait for fall shows! so excited!

New follower!
Have a great week! Drop by and say hello!

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