Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The eggo is preggo

First off thank you so much for all the sweet baby love!
We waited the kosher "out of the first trimester" timeline to go public, but it has been so fun 
to finally tell everyone!
Now I have an excuse for being a pathetic blogger the last 3 months right?
Even though we are SO happy to be pregnant, 
these last three months have not been easy!

I have been SICK!
OMG this babe hates everything I put in my stomach and makes me get rid of it asap.
It has been pretty constant 24/7 nausea which has been the hardest part.  
I have also been pathetically tired.
I quite literally cannot do anything after 3pm when I get home from work.
The other night I started picking some stuff up around the house and Ben started taking 
pictures because he didn't know the next time it would happen.

This week, being out of my first trimester, everyone is telling me it will get better 
and I will get my appetite and my energy back.
I'm waiting.....

Now that my rant is over, we really are so excited.
I love talking to Ben about baby names and the kind of parents we are going to be.
You know Kris Jenner vs. Bruce Jenner style? 
It still kind of seems unreal to me, 
I really can't believe I am going to be a mom.
I think it will sink in more when we find out the gender and I "pop"!
Ben wants a boy. I want a girl. Classic.
Of course we will be happy with either I just have way cuter names picked out for girls.....which I will do my best to keep a surprise till the birth day but have actually told most people so never mind.

I dream about the baby almost every night. 
Sometimes it's a boy and sometimes I dream it's a girl.
Mostly they are scary dreams like the baby comes out as 3 year old....Yikes.
The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart which is said to be 90% positive
says I am having a boy.  I'm not even mad.

A few more updates
-My hair is turning brown
-I read an article "Things they don't tell you about giving birth" and highly regret it.
-The best part so far has been telling family and friends
-I bought the first thing for the baby last week.  very cream, very gender neutral.
-I cry. alot. omg. I'm probably crying right now.
-Contrary to the title of this post I really don't like the words preggo and preggers.T
-No cravings, just diet coke, mostly just aversions....to everything. Sadly, I will probably never eat quinoa or cook hamburger ever again.
-I notice pregnant people everywhere.
-Ben has been so so good to me.  My only complaint is his refusal to throw out any reasonable name to the naming of our future child conversation.

I think now that the news is out, I will be more inspired to blog.  
You know about me throwing up at my desk at work and going to sleep at 9pm....EXCITING!! 

 Can't believe I am putting this on here, but ever since I was little after I throw up I have to hold a hot washcloth over my face.  Ben thinks this is highly unusual and likes to take pictures.
 The first purchase!
 Oh you know, just your everyday grocery shop.
 Literally the day before the nauseousness hit.....good times!
 Bebe swag bag
He is a natural with our nephew.  Told you I was crying as we speak.


Lauren Cooper said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! CONGRAAAAAAATS!!!! ok I'm not freaking out...but I kind of am...because I really can't wait to see what this babe will look like! Seriously cassie! So excited for you! And for you to become a mommy blogger! Whoop whoop! I am officially living vicariously through you! Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy some wonderful cravings!

Kara said...

Congratulations! How exciting! You will be more inspired as a blogger now even if it is just because you are not hiding anything right now. :)


Elisha said...

Awhh sick is no fun! GET REST. Sleep as much as you can!
You look lovely!! :)


Amie said...

Congrats!! That is very exciting for you two! It sounds like your pregnancy is a replica of mine with Ty! It DOES get better, thank goodness, but the nausea and throwing up didn't end until about week 16 for me! SO thats soon! Love the pic of you with the cloth! :) haha Hope you feel better soon.

Ashley said...

Congrats!!! I hope you feel better soon!! ;D

Amira said...

I'm so excited to be pregnant at the same time! I feel for you on the morning sickness girl - it was the most awful 8 weeks of my life! Right around 14ish weeks I started feeling a little bit better. It's right around the corner I promise! Although, I'm still tired all the time haha.

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

morning sickness almost killed me!!! Now the nausea has gone away but there is still some projectile status happening not so much though so thank goodness! Don't feel bad about being tired I think i could sleep ALL day if I wanted to lol so happy for you two!

Whitney Leigh said...

oh my gosh! that's so exciting!! congrats! I read that "what they don't tell you" post and I'm terrified now. also, my husband is always talking baby names even though we aren't pregnant. but he is obsessed with fantasy novels so they're always names from his geeky books. Like, Rand or Danlinar. I mean, come on.

mynameis tash said...

This is so exciting! Let me know if you need anything and CONGRATULATIONS!

k8te said...

congrats! how exciting! (well not the getting sick part).. i always bust out that chinese birth chart for all of our preggo friends. whenever we have kids i want to be surprised about the gender, but i'll def be checking this chart too! :)

Tere Shake said...

yay! that is so fun. i hope the sickness wears off soon!

Autumn Ingram said...

That is so exciting!
I'm sorry you've been feeling like poop. I hope it goes away soon.

april millar said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! Babies are the best, so is being pregnant. You will oddly miss it when it's over.

Daisy said...

Congratulations!! What a very sweet post. That outfit is simply adorable :)

Anonymous said...

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