Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Matt is Back!

Well it was a quick trip back to Canada but one of the best ones!
As I said before my brother returned from his two year mission from Chile!!
It was SO good to see him, he looked great, he could barley speak English anymore
because he thinks in Spanish now and it felt so good to have him home happy and safe.

We all gathered at the airport and watched the plane land.
As soon as we saw him round the corner I couldn't help but instantly tear up.
He was beaming and we were all cheering/crying!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up, 
late nights reminiscing, playing games, catching Matt up on youtube videos,
eating SO much food, family time and church on Sunday when Matt gave an amazing homecoming talk.

I always can't help but cry every time we get in the car and drive away after goodbyes.
I just love being home and this time was especially hard after only seeing Matt for a couple days.
I feel so grateful for my family and for my home.

Welcome Home Matty!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


It has been a while since I have emptied my phone pictures on here, 
so here is some catch up.

Ben and the kids: Bike Ride around Stanford with Kylie and Alex
Hairspray at Tuacahn Amphitheater :Big Burger for Ben: Boy/Girl old wives tales Prediction Tally, they were right!: My sweet nephew sleeping on my chest, nothing better!
Temple Day with the girls: Have you ever seen something so beautiful (my collection)
14 weeks: 17 weeks

Well we are off to Canada today to celebrate
my brothers homecoming from his mission.
We have not seen him in two years so you can imagine
how freaking excited we are!!
Minus the 24 hours of driving.

It's only Thursday but I think it's the weekend.
I'm calling it.
You're Welcome.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Two and Counting...

Ben and I headed to Park City for the weekend to celebrate our two year anniversary this last weekend.
The canyon and the drive there was gorgeous.
I don't always appreciate nature, but when I do, it's in the fall.

It was a quick trip, just one night but it was great!  
We shopped the outlets, met up with friends for dinner at our favorite Park City restaurant (Maxwells),
played some ticket to ride, breakfast in bed, walked main street
and played car games while I had T-Swift's new song on repeat!

Ben says "oh ya lets both show our bellies"

I can't believe it has been two years!
Not to get too sappy but Ben, you make me so so happy.
Happy two years baby daddy!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Baby Making: 16.5 Weeks

Well I thought I would do a pregnancy update.
If you want to see my other pregnancy updates look here and here.
So far time has been moving really slow for me, 
March seems SO far away.
Maybe it is because I haven't had a classic busy semester with just taking one class
and so time is not going by as quick.  Sometimes I love that it is moving slow
when I panic that we have SO much to do before the baby comes but
then sometimes I just want it to fly by and want to have him tomorrow!

Speaking of "him", yes we found out we are having a baby boy!!
It was really fun to find out, we just did a family thing, most of our family doesn't live here
so we had a major Google hangout.
I am not going to lie, I pictured myself with a girl.
We had a perfect name we both loved and I can do nails and tutu's and tea parties.
Tractors, dirt and dinosaurs? I wasn't so sure.
I did have a really strong hunch it was a boy though.

But last night I made Ben bring in the giant boxes of baby boy clothes that
we got from his parents from when they had twins a few years ago.
I pulled out all the newborn blankets and onesies and all of a sudden 
I got really really excited for a baby boy.

The more I hear from people and spend hours online looking at 
things, I feel so much more content about a boy.  I can't wait to see 
a little Ben and to see Ben with a son.
Now for us to agree on a name!

I am still feeling pretty sick. 
 Actually there has not been a day since I was 6 weeks that I have felt good and like myself.  
I don't really remember what it is like to not be nauseous daily.
I am still throwing up every day and my gag reflex is out of control.
You should see me try and brush my teeth? Not cute.
I am praying that it goes away soon but also not getting my hopes up.
I still have food cravings and aversions.
I crave chicken nuggets A LOT especially the ones from Chick-fil-A, apples and pop.
I actually crave sweets now less than before I was pregnant.
I can't even think about ground beef, pork makes me sick to my stomach and anything 
with garlic or ginger I also can't stand.

I am having trouble sleeping, I am not used to having to get up in the
middle of the night to pee and I for some reason have the hardest time
going back to sleep after I do.
I guess my body is just practicing.

I am finally showing a little to the point where people can sometimes tell.
I actually want to be showing more so people can stop wondering if that girl is pregnant or just kind of fat.
Sometimes when we are out in public I stick my belly out more and touch my stomach so that 
people will know.  Pathetic I know.

I haven't felt any real movement yet.
Well maybe I have, sometimes I think it is movement but it also just could
be my stomach grumbling. 
I have tried big glasses of orange juice every morning
because rumor has it that orange juice makes the babies kick like crazy.
Still nothing yet I don't think.  I really can't wait for it though.

Well that turned out to be really long but I love hearing about my mom's pregnancy 
so hopefully this will be fun to look back on someday. 
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