Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Matt is Back!

Well it was a quick trip back to Canada but one of the best ones!
As I said before my brother returned from his two year mission from Chile!!
It was SO good to see him, he looked great, he could barley speak English anymore
because he thinks in Spanish now and it felt so good to have him home happy and safe.

We all gathered at the airport and watched the plane land.
As soon as we saw him round the corner I couldn't help but instantly tear up.
He was beaming and we were all cheering/crying!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up, 
late nights reminiscing, playing games, catching Matt up on youtube videos,
eating SO much food, family time and church on Sunday when Matt gave an amazing homecoming talk.

I always can't help but cry every time we get in the car and drive away after goodbyes.
I just love being home and this time was especially hard after only seeing Matt for a couple days.
I feel so grateful for my family and for my home.

Welcome Home Matty!


Meg said...

Your brother is so cute!! And so is the rest of your fam! Loving the pics. Xo

Rachel said...

yay!! So exciting!! We still have another year before my brother comes home :(

sydney b. said...

I just found your blog! How cute! Seeing these pictures took me back to the day my brother came home. Nothing but happiness!

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