Thursday, November 1, 2012

Baby Making: 20 weeks

my favorite place these days: air mattress, blankets, slippers, TV, Ben
20 Weeks!
Halfway There!
Whenever I hear the words "halfway there" I automatically start singing 
"wo-ah, we're halfway there, WO-AH Living on a Prayer"
The Glee version of course, that show is the only reason I know old people music, my dad is so proud.

Time is staring to speed up, I can't believe how fast October went.
Seeing my body, which has basically been the same since I was 16 change daily is crazy!
I am feeling better these days, I still get nauseous daily but I have not thrown up in a week.
I am still pretty tired and fall asleep usually before 10 on the couch but that is to be expected I guess.

The best part of this whole thing is feeling the baby move though.
I felt it maybe a little at 18 weeks but a couple nights ago there was no doubt that he was kicking.
Every time I feel it I yell at Ben to come and feel it too. 
At first it scared us a little bit and I kept screaming every time it kicked but now I am used to it and love it.

We had our 20 week ultrasound a couple days ago.
It wasn't what I expected, I couldn't really tell what was going on.
We kept asking things like "so it that his head?" and she would say no "that's his stomach"....
So it was hard to really know what we were seeing but 
looks healthy, no cleft lip and definitely a boy!

My biggest complaint these days is sleep, I have not had a full nights rest for months.
I wake up around 4:30 or 5 am every night and have the hardest time falling back asleep.
I am wondering if I should invest in those pregnancy pillows, you know the ones
that look like you are cheating on your husband with but not sure if they are worth it?
Any advice from the pregnant people of the world out there?

I am definitely having some "fat moments" 
The saddest one was when my bridesmaid dress for my cousins wedding showed up 
and was about 4 sizes too small.  That was sure fun.
I also have my official first stretch marks-they are not on my belly though....think north...
There were tears shed.

I am starting to really imagine our life with a baby.  
I can't wait for someone to entertain me during church, a little one to take naps with and keep me company while Ben is working.  I really am still baby hungry in the sense that when I see one I tear up 
and think I want one and get so excited!

Here are some pictures of the growing fruit basket

I know we need a real camera.
Donations are readily accepted.

Also I am aware I am looking down in most of these,
not to appear emo but in all the ones where I 
am looking at the camera I have a fatty-fat-face so....


Jamie said...

I got to the point where I was so irrationally uncomfortable, I gave in to the pillow and it changed my life. Plus, since you're not supposed to spend a lot of time sleeping on your back or right side, so it kept me in place:) There's also a foamy wedge that was AMAZING for not having your belly hurt when it gets so big that it pulls when you lay down...haha. Do it! Also, 5 peppermint gum saved my life once my stomach got pushed up and heartburn kicked in. Also takes the edge off nausea:)

Rachel said...

It's so fun to feel those first few kicks. Wait til youSEE him move from the outside. So crazy.
YES. the pillow is sooooo worth it. I actually got a body pillow from target for $10 that worked great. It is a million times more comfortable. Especially if you get huge like me, your stomach will need support to keep from pulling you over. :)

Amelia Kirchhausen said...

I loved my pillow!! It was definitely worth it!

Rachel said...

PS You look SO cute.

Amanda @ everyday b and b said...

Jason got me that pillow when I was 19 weeks along, and now at 36 weeks I've decided I may never part with it. Seriously the best investment EVER! It helps to keep me from sleeping on my back and it supports your bump when it gets bigger and bigger and bigger! Congrats on reaching the halfway point! I swear the second half goes by entirely too fast!

miss aubrey said...

You look beautiful Cassie! Feeling kicks is the best thing in the world. It's such a trip when they get bigger and you can feel their head and hands and bum through your stomach!

Sydney said...

You look great! But I felt the same way about my face too. The pillow is totally worth it. That's the only way I made it the whole 9 months!

Brynn Snyder said...

i got a body pillow but didn't really like it. just depends on the person. I wouldn't invest in it.

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