Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby Making: 25 Weeks

Well I don't really remember a time before I was pregnant but I am feeling pretty positive these days.  It is going by quick and all of a sudden March is so soon.  I wake up in the middle of the night thinking "HOLY CRAP WE NEED A STROLLER STAT".  We haven't really bought anything for the babe yet except some adorable clothes and the "nursery" is a mix between Ben's office and a storage room so we have our work cut out for us.  There are about 1 bajillion, yes 1 bajillion lists of "baby essentials" online so it is hard to know what we actually need and what the best route to take for baby gear is.  I would love some recommendations!

I really love my belly right now.  I never understood why pregnant women were always touching their tummy but now I totally get it-It's because it's crazy!!  It has been fun to watch it grow, one day Ben looked at me and couldn't believe my bump out of nowhere.  Sometimes I will forget and then walk by a mirror and it freaks me out for a second.  Strangers are not afraid to comment anymore, it is pretty funny to hear peoples comments.  I have had a couple random people ask to touch it, I know that some pregnant women go into kill mode when that happens but I say knock yourself out, I like touching it too! HA!

It's funny because even though I am watching the scale number go up and my cheeks are filling up with acorns for the winter I feel really confident in my body.  It is like I am realizing more and more the divine purpose of my body and the amazing things it can do.  Ask me again in a couple months how I am feeling about my body though when my ankles are hanging over my shoes.

He is constantly moving, I seriously wonder what he could possibly be doing in there.  I can see my stomach moving from the outside now and am so amazed.  For some reason though, as soon as anybody puts their hand on my stomach to feel it moving, it stops.  Such a trickster.

I am still nauseous at least a little daily but only throw up once or twice a week or immediately after I eat Mexican food, this kid does not like pico de gallo or something.  I still haven't had any heartburn (knock on wood) but apparently according to the wives-tale that means this little man will be as bald as a cue ball!  I am craving citrus citrus and more citrus....and peanut butter.  I seriously ate 7 Naval Oranges in less than 12 hours last week.

I am still very curious to see what he will look like, if you haven't noticed Ben and I are polar opposites and I can't wait to see what eye/skin/hair color combo he will have.  

I have some predictions, these come from nothing but my new found "motherly intuition" but I want to write them down to see how wrong or right I am.

I predict that (against my will) he is going to be big! 8+ pounds
I predict that he will come on March 5th even though my due date is March 16th
I predict he will have dark skin and dark eyes like Ben

15 weeks and counting!


Melissa said...

i LOVE your pictures! such a genius idea! you look gorgeous!! :)

Lauren Taal said...

cassie!! this is so weird to me to see you preggers!! :) but i love it! I am so glad that you are doing well! :)

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

LOL love this! Abby does that tricky thing as well she'll be going all kinds of crazy in my tummy then as soon as daddy puts his hand on there or grandma or anyone she's like 'no' and just stops!

Julie and Jesse said...

Looking good mama! Are you taking a birthing class?

Kristy said...

Love the black dress! It was the only thing I could wear my last 6 weeks or so if I wanted to feel good about my appearance.

Rachel said...

isn't it amazing what women's bodies can do? It's so incredible- growing a tiny human. you look so cute!
I posted a series on my blog awhile back about our favorite baby gear- the stuff we actually found necessary to have! you can find the start of it here:

Verena said...

Congrats on beeing pregnant (i'm a bit late ;) ) !!! Super cute bump and you are glowing ...

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