Friday, December 7, 2012

Letters for a Friday

Dear Benjamin, you have all weekend off?! What are we going to do with it? I'll tell you, we are going to squeeze as many corny Christmas activities into 72 hours as we can!

Dear Christmas Tree, real tree or bust! Am I right? You look, smell and feel so delicious.

Dear Baby, I'll buy you a car on your 16th birthday if you let me sleep at night! Deal?

Dear College, See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!  This week I finished my final class and my portfolio.  Meaning I am officially officially done with my Advertising degree!

Dear Vampire Diaries, you are seriously depressing me lately  I have to save all my happy shows to watch after you to cheer myself up.  I'm just gonna say it-Elena is being a skank.  #teamstefan

Dear Ben, since you refuse to tell me what you want for Christmas, I am going to be forced to get what I think you should have for Christmas.  This could be dangerous for you.  So you better get cracking on that wish list.

Have a holly jolly weekend.


Ashley said...

Tree looks great!!! I miss having real trees... stupid allergies and hive breakout 4 years ago... UGH!

Madeline Grace said...

I wish we could have a real tree but our cats try to eat the needles! I hope you guys have a great Christmas!

sam&charlie said...

aw, perfect christmas tree! come decorate mine, would ya? ;)

Sheila MacLennan said...

Love the letter , the picures and the tree See you soon

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