Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baby Making: 30.5 Weeks

My one and only bare belly shot.  My bellybutton is enveloping itself.

Big News around here!! Me and my besties all pregnant at the same time!  
Duchess Kate, Kim K and me are all thrilled and couldn't have planned this better!  
This is going to be a hard play group to get into let me tell you!

10 weeks to go! 10 weeks to go! 
It is coming very fast now, especially due to the fact that I will be leaving back to Canada 
at 36 weeks to go up there to deliver. 
 It is pretty stressful and Ben is going to just come up when "it's time"
but we could really use the whole it being free thing, so we are taking advantage.

The third trimester has brought some new fun; heartburn 
(which I thoroughly believe I get only when I am cold, sounds crazy but it's true) 
as well as leg cramps, some new stretch marks and being pathetically tired again.  
And then there are the old friends like nausea and throwing up almost daily,
not being able to sleep and nothing sounding appetizing.

Also simple things are becoming quite hard.
Such as painting my nails, putting on socks, and sneezing without peeing a little.
Other than all that I feel great!!

I know I complain a lot but I really do like being pregnant for the most part
and although I definitely don't feel the glow all the time,
 it is an overall experience I feel so lucky to be able to have.
I really do feel blessed because I know some women aren't able to experience this,
I try to think about that when I am feeling so sick of being sick.

I am still feeling pretty unprepared when it comes to the nursery and stuff, 
we did make our first "big" purchase with a car seat and stroller.  
I get butterflies every time I look over in that corner and see them all ready waiting for baby.  
Means we are getting close.
 I am hoping to have the nursery almost completely done before I head up to Canada though.  
I am definitely getting the 'nesting bug' and want to clean and organize everything in our house.  
Although the urge is rivaled closely by the 'holy-crap-I-am-tired bug'  
so it is a vicious cycle on what wins out that particular day.

Some other notes from the past few weeks.

Craving: fancy root beer-the glass bottle stuff (I have not had root beer for years before this),
cereal and still ORANGES
Travelling for 12 hours in a car at 29 weeks was not fun, the 36 week trip should be interesting
I am on doctor #3 due to delivering in Canada, switching insurance etc.
Baby kicked more than I have ever felt during Le Mis, it seriously kicked the entire movie, 
loves him some Jean Valjean I guess.
Baby shower in Provo is in the works and I am SO excited, my friends are best!
We went to three movies in three days last week, gotta get that stuff in while we can.

had to get creative here, because who the heck knows where to get a real rutabaga

This is Ben's shirt, his closet is so comfortable these days


Lindsay said...

This reminded me so much of me when I was pregnant! I lived in my husband's shirts...his clothes just felt more comfortable. I enjoyed the belly, recognized being pregnant as a gift buuuut I didn't get that "glow" others get. I got 36 weeks of sickness (and likely would have been longer, but my little guy came at 36 weeks). My belly button did the weird enveloping thing, too! So strange, haha.

You look great, though and how exciting it's getting so close!

Bryanna Peterson said...

I can't believe how close it is! You look so cute!

miss aubrey said...

adorable! So excited for you Cassie. Being a mommy is the best!

Ie Ling said...

Cassie! You always look glowing to me in all your pictures. So excited to meet the babe!

The Adventurer said...

I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! That baby is going to be so loved its unreal. WOOHOO!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

So exciting, love your veggie photos.

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