Saturday, January 19, 2013

Preggo Products


I am by no means an expert at pregnancy, but I liked looking at lists like these
when I first found out I was expecting, so I thought I would let you know what has worked for me!

1.This Kiehl's lotion is AMAZING! I just got it for Christmas so I haven't been using it the whole time but I love it and use it everyday.  It smells like heaven and I haven't found anything better for my dry pregnant skin.  I fully believe that if you are genetically prone to get stretchmarks, you are going to get stretchmarks no matter what you do but moisturizing will still help with appearance of them.  This stuff is way pricey so wait till you find a good sale to buy it.

2. At least two good pairs of maternity pants.  I bought a pair of maternity jeans at Target and I hated them so much. So I went to Gap and got both a black skinny pant and some maternity jeans and I have loved both.  Gap is actually where I have bought all my maternity clothes. Everything is really soft and doesn't misshape when it stretches and of course they have really good sales. You are going to have to wear these every single day by the end so make sure you get a couple pairs you really like and are comfortable.

3. I have used Philosophy bath soap since before I was pregnant but it smells so good, and is the perfect body wash.  It also doubles as bubble bath when you need a good soak, and aren't allowed to go in hot tubs.  I like to bath before I go to bed sometimes, helps me sleep better.  There are about a bajillion different   smells (flavors?) so you can pick your favorite.  Mine is melon daiquiri.

4.  I was really really sick and nauseous and have been the whole time.  There is nothing like a giant horse vitamin (prenatal vitamin) to make you feel like throwing up.  I literally could not take the vitamins at the beginning of my pregnancy without getting sick.  Someone recommended gummy vitamins and they worked great, tasted decent and didn't make me (as) nauseous.  Brought me back to the good old Costco Flinstone Vitamin stage of my life.

5.  Boppy Pillow. Ok here are my thoughts on the pregnancy pillows. It really helped a lot at first, but then I got some major neck pain from mine.  I still sleep with it every night just never lay my head on it and use my regular pillow for that.  The best thing about it is that it doesn't let me roll onto my back (you are not supposed to sleep on your back after 22 weeks).  I would recommend some type of body pillow but I think just a regular cheap body pillow from Target would do the trick.

6. Throwing up hundreds of times makes you dehydrated and your throat burn.  Popsicle's and Ginger Ale have been lifesavers when you can't keep anything down but need some hydration. I tried other nausea helpers like ginger candies, jolly ranchers, peppermints but nothing really worked for me.

7.  My regular pre-pregnancy tank tops were the first things to go.  They felt so tight and got way too short way too fast.  I LOVE these Target Liz Lange tank tops.  They come in all different colors, fit really nicely all the way from 18 weeks to where I am now and they are thick and not see through so you can just wear that and a cute cardigan which has been my go-to.  They are only like 13 bucks and I highly recommend you get a couple of these.

My other recommendations not pictured are slippers, some extra large drawstring sweatpants and then anything you can to make you feel good and pretty.

I know everyone is different, what were your pregnancy lifesavers?


miss aubrey said...

Those gummy vitamins were my FAVORITE when I was pregnant! and also the Target maternity tanks. love this list!

Anonymous said...

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Morgan Reece said...

cute blog and great list! this will be helpful in years to come :) just found ya through a friend. cute blog!


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