Friday, January 4, 2013

So this is Christmas

My favorite
Christmas is always wonderful, and it went by way too fast this year!
We spent a white Christmas in Canada, it was so nice to have Matt back for Christmas this year
 and we had family visiting from Kansas so it was a full house.
On Christmas Eve we had 49 people at our house!

It was anywhere from -10 to -17 degrees Farenheit while we were home 
and our car would barley start every morning but it was worth it having a white Christmas.
our yard

We ate delicious food, played some epic games of warewolf, set up the Christmas village, did last minute Christmas shopping, organized a nativity with like 30 kids under nine, enjoyed a perfect Christmas morning, went sledding (well some of us),  played some serious ping-pong on our new table, had a night long rook tournament, settled Catan almost every day and relaxed as much as we could.
My grandma's village
Christmas morning
This pic does not do it justice, but this was the most amazing tree we have ever had, and it was real!
The nativity
Giving my Christmas PJ's a workout

       I also got to spend a lot of time with my little sister Hailey who I miss so much when I am not home.

We had to leave before New Years because Ben had to work, it is always so hard to leave my house and there are always tears in the driveway but I am so grateful we had the time there we did.

I love Christmas and this was a good one.


Amira said...

How cute are you in your pjs?! There really is a baby in there

Are you feeling better now?

Lauren Cooper said...

hmm k Cass you are such an adorable prego lady! Like for real!! Cannot believe theres really a baby in there! Ah! exciting!! Glad you had such a good Christmas! Next Christmas will be babies first!! Crazy!

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