Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby Making: 35 weeks

I know every post on here lately has been something to do with pregnancy and the baby, 
but it's because I cannot think of anything else to write about because all I think about these days is the little butternut squash growing inside me and what it's going to be like when he gets here.

I know I still have a few weeks to go but so far the third trimester has been my favorite!
I am throwing up less, I have only had mild heartburn a couple times and I love feeling him kick so much all the time.  I do have a lot of trouble sleeping these days, but I will take insomnia over nausea any day.
My cravings have pretty much gone away completely,actually my appetite has died way down and I don't really feel like eating anything, I just eat when I am hungry but nothing is tasting very delicious these days for some reason.

I finished up work this week and will have a little time to get ready for the baby before I head up to Canada.
It is kind of crazy to think that I will leave my house and the next time we come back 
there will be three of us!

There was a short time a couple weeks ago that my anxiety was taking over.  I was so nervous about every thing. I was not sleeping and just stressing out all night.  I was worried about the delivery, going to Canada, the nursery, money, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation , Ben's schedule, etc. just everything.  Ben is very good in these situations and never really stresses about anything.  When I tell him all the reasons I am worried, he just seems to make everything make more sense and tells me exactly how it will all work out.  So the stress period was short lived and I am feeling a lot less nervous and more excited!  I have also been reading some books that were recommended to me that are really helpful.

A lot of people ask if we have a name picked out yet.  We think we do, although Ben refuses to commit until we see him in person.  If we decide he is not this name we have picked out, it will be starting at square one and this babe might be nameless for weeks, because Ben and I do not agree on names at all!

The nursery is coming along, we painted it and have a little bit of furniture, there is so much I want to do but it adds up $$.  I am realizing we should have spaced out baby purchases more throughout the pregnancy and not left it all to the end. It is coming along slowly but surely though.  I have some DIY projects I am going to attempt in the upcoming weeks and even some sewing projects I want to try when I am in Canada.  This should be interesting due to the fact that my sewing experience is some pajama pants in a junior high sewing class.  Good thing I have very talented sewing relatives.

My baby shower here in Provo is this Friday and I am really excited, there is not too many of us left in Provo still but I just can't wait for a fun night with a few family and friends to talk all things baby! 

I can't believe how close we are getting.  I don't remember a time before I was pregnant, it has gone by really slow for me actually, and it has been really really hard at times.  Now all of a sudden I can say we are having our baby next month! 

I hope these last few weeks stay relatively comfortable, I am scared of the swelling people talk about at the end.  Mostly I am just hoping Ben will make it on time up to Canada for the delivery.  I am pretty confident we will be fine but just in case this baby comes like three weeks early and out of nowhere I pray he will make it on time.

37 days and counting!


Christie said...

Swelling is no fun. The only time I had problems swelling was after a 9 hour car ride. The swelling stuck around for a week or so. If you are driving to Canada just make sure to stop more than usual to walk around and do some leg exercises.

Lex said...

Good luck with the name thing! My husband and I don't agree on names, which stressed me out...and we're not even pregnant! I can imagine you're stressed. :) On the other hand, my parents thought I was a boy and only had boy names picked out, but came up with my name pretty quickly. At least you know for a fact you're having a boy. :)

Sierra said...

You are seriously stunning. Not even kidding.

alex said...

Oh wow, you're almost there! Can't wait for some pictures of that beautiful baby!

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