Thursday, February 14, 2013

it's a love story...

"Hey Zac if you pay me 5 bucks I'll roll your silverware for you"

Nothing like those romantic words to make my heart flutter.  This is when I knew Ben loved me too.

We both were servers at Chili's and I had been swooning over Ben for weeks.
 I saw him there my first shift filling up plastic mugs with coke and he literally took my breath away.  
I went home and told my roommates I was going to marry this guy at work named Ben. 
 I would check the schedule and try to pick up shifts when he was working, 
I would check our table assignments to see if we would be on the same side of the restaurant 
and there was nothing I looked forward to more than closing time when we would load up a booth 
with a huge pile of napkins, forks and knives and roll silverware together.

We had small flirtations but I didn't know if he liked me back yet.  
You see, rolling silverware at the end of the shift was the bane of every servers existence   
Everyone hated it because it took forever, was monotonousness 
and at the end of an eight hour shift where your wage is $2/hour you just want to go home.  
The only reason I liked rolling silverware in the beginning because they were mini dates with Ben 
where we could just sit and talk and roll.  

Ben had been working there a lot longer than me and was SO fast at his silverware, so he would always finish before me and have no choice but to head home or else he would look super weird for just hanging around when everyone else got out of there as fast as humanly possible when they were done.  
Until one particular night, Ben only had to roll about 80 silverware and I had to roll well over a hundred.  We were having our silverware rolling 'date' at booth 33, Zac, another server was sweeping his section beside us and hadn't even started rolling his silverware yet, it was Zac's last night and in all honesty he probably wasn't even going to roll his silverware at all that night.  Ben finished way before me and I felt so sad as he counted all 80 of his roll-ups while I was at like 35.  
The end of our date.  
Then Ben turned to Zac and said "Hey Zac if you pay me 5 bucks I'll roll your silverware for you"  This was an amazing deal, usually when you paid people to roll your silverware it was 10 dollars at least.  Zac said sure why not, gave Ben 5 dollars and Ben sat back down and started rolling silverware.

He was going to sit and roll silverware just to hang out with me longer. 
I had so many butterflies and when we were finally done at almost exactly the same time, we walked out, said goodnight and I smiled the whole drive home.  
He was into me, I was into him and we were going to get married.

Three months later, Ben was moving up to Canada with me for the summer, a month after that he was slipping a ring on my finger and three months after that I was marrying him in the Cardston Alberta temple.

I was driving past Chili's today to go pick up Ben from school and this night popped into my head. 
I thought I would write it down.

Happy Valentines Day.
I feel lucky to love and be loved.

first picture we ever took together


Lauren Cooper said...

Seriously adorable! Happy Love Day you little love birds!

thecottagediaries said...

This is so sweet!


sam&charlie said...

aw, such a sweet story. :)

mynameis tash said...

Great Valentine's post!

Sheila MacLennan said...

Aaa beautiful poem, from a beautiful girl about two beautiful people

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