Tuesday, February 12, 2013


On Saturday my friends threw me a baby shower.
I felt very showered with love and it was so nice to have all my friends that could make it come 
celebrate this baby boy of ours.

The details were oh so cute, the food was delicious, the gifts were much needed, the games were hysterical
and the company was simply the best!

Thank you so much Jordan, Ie Ling and Jennica for throwing this shower for me 
and thanks to all my lovely friends and family left in Utah for coming!

The celebrity baby name game.  I am pretty proud to say I won this!! 
The E! channel comes in handy surprisingly often!

 This was the most hilarious game!  Jennica morphed my grown up face with celebrity faces to see what our babies would look like.  Then we had to try and guess the celebrity.  Oh and one of them was Ben and I's baby as well.  I got it wrong.  Can you tell which one is me and Harry Potters baby? Or me and the Biebs? 

This is me opening some lovely gifts...

And the whole gang....and me sitting in the most unflattering position any 8 month preggo could possibly be sitting in.


Melissa said...

Cute shower!

Emma Frances said...

How fun! Also, I think you need to give us the answers for the morphed baby pictures! What an awesome game! Haha.

Anonymous said...

your shower was on friday LOL!!!!

Amira said...

Your shower had the best games ever!!

sam&charlie said...

those games sound so fun!! usually all the shower games are way over done, these definitely aren't! and yes, which one was the morph baby of you and ben!?

Valerie Griffin said...

how fun!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

nice work on the celebrity name game!

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