Monday, March 18, 2013

Everett's Birth Story

Well its been three weeks to the day, so I wanted to write this before I forget anything.  Looking back I can't decide if it feels like it has been way longer than three weeks because I just love Everett so much or if it feels like just yesterday I was pushing a baby out of me. I know some people like to keep birth stories private but not only do I want to document mine by writing it down for myself, friends and family but I loved reading other peoples stories while I was pregnant so hopefully someone somewhere will appreciate this.

*I just finished writing this-SOO long!  I asked Ben to proofread it for me and he said he had to take breaks and read it in parts, so just a warning*

Well I said I wanted it to be like the movies! And although it really wasn't that dramatic, there was a spontaneous water breaking, a police chase pull-over, Ben sprinting through the hospital to make it by my side in time.

It all started on Sunday night-February 24th.  I was only 37 weeks along, I had been in Canada for a week, Ben was still in Utah not planning on coming up for another two weeks and I had no signs of labor.  When I woke up that morning my mom told me to be careful because it was a full moon that night. My mom is a nurse in the NICU and they all firmly believe that more babies are born on full moons, she says their unit is always packed and busy on full moons.  I was not a believer and told her that was obviously just a coincidence.

I had a horrible cold for a couple of days before this Sunday night so I was not feeling too hot, I had just face-timed with Ben, and rolled over to go to sleep.  Seconds later, at about midnight exactly I felt warm wetness around me, I knew I wasn't peeing so I was really confused.  I got up and went to the bathroom while calling my mom and more water came out of me.  They do not tell you how much water comes out when your water breaks (I'm talking towels). I called the hospital and they told me to definitely come in right away.  Apparently once your water breaks you need to have the baby within 24 hours because there is a high chance of infection after your membranes rupture.  I called Ben, who I had just barley talked to five minutes before and told him this was not a drill, and to get in the car and drive to Canada.  He left at around 12:30am (It is a 12 hour drive)  It was going to be a long drive for both of us.

I was not prepared at all, so I had to still pack a bag for a couple of days in the hospital, I was not going to be coming back to my house until we brought the baby home.  I was pretty nervous at this point, I was shaking a lot and still a lot of water breakage.  Mostly I was worried about Ben driving safe, making it in time and about the trauma my body was about to experience.  I still wasn't having any contractions which was lucky because my mom had just taken a sleeping pill so she couldn't drive, my dad had to stay with my baby sister so I drove myself to the hospital!  (Disclaimer: My mom wants everyone to know she is not a pill popper but works night shifts as a nurse and sometimes takes a sleeping pill to get her schedule on track) haha it was kind of a funny coincidence actually!

Once we got to the hospital, they strapped me into some monitors and confirmed that YES my water definitely broke, I would be staying in the hospital for the night and would talk to the doctor in the morning.  I had pretty high blood pressure, so they were a little worried but it ended up just being crazy nerves, because it went back to normal a little while later.  I was actually supposed to see my Canada doctor the next morning for my 37 week appointment but since it happened the night before, the hospital had none of my charts or anything.  They did not know the results of my GBS test I had done it Utah so I had to be treated for it anyways.  This meant an IV, my very first one.  It actually hurt like crap, as I was wincing in pain as the nurse put in my IV I had to laugh at myself because if I thought THIS hurt.....

So my mom slept on the cot, and we tried to get some sleep.  That didn't happen.  I don't think either of us slept all night long.  I started having contractions at around 3 am, they were about 10-15 minutes apart and lasted less than a minute but they still HURT, enough to not let me sleep.  My doctor came in the next morning around 7am.  This guy definitely does not have the best bedside manner but is known for being VERY competent, so he was a little blunt but I did feel safe.  He told me this was the worst thing I could have done.  They do not like when your water breaks and you are not in active labor-He said he wanted to induce me right away.  I really did not want this.  I held back my tears telling him my husband was still five hours away.  He told me my husband could be on the moon and it wouldn't matter, they needed to do what was best for me and the baby and that was to get him out!  I told him I WAS in labor! I was having contractions! But because I was only 1 cm dilated he said I needed to be induced or it would be 2 am and still pushing and way too high of a chance of infection etc.  He said there was no way I would be delivering in 5 hours anyways (little did he know).  Well my nurse (who I loved) was awesome and took her sweet time for me, she took a while to hook up the drip (pitocin) and let me doddle before heading to the delivery room.   I begged her to let me wait just a couple hours before hooking up the pitocin but she was on doctors orders and just put it on the lowest level.

Well I think that the doctor checking me, set something in motion, because before they had even started the pitocin my contractions picked up a lot.  I can say that contractions were the worst pain I have felt in my entire life.  I thought the fear of birthing was the actual pushing but the contractions are the killer.  I could barley walk and my body shook like crazy during and after each one.  I had always planned on the epidural, before I was in labor I worried about the needle and the numbness but when I was in actual labor,I could have cared less how huge the needle was, I wanted THE EPIDURAL!!  They called the anesthesiologist and told me to try and go to the bathroom before he came.  I went into the bathroom and had the worst contractions I had yet, I thought I was going to literally die in that tiny bathroom.  It felt like they lasted forever and there was no break in between.  I called Ben in tears and told him how bad I wished he was there (Props to my mom though because she was amazing this whole time, I absolutely could not have done it without her there)  and how bad they hurt and told him to HURRY!!  Finally the epidural man came and my body continued shaking like crazy while he put the epidural in.  In Canada (or at least at this hospital)  they do epidurals a little different.  It is something called a walking epidural, meaning I couldn't feel my contractions anymore, my core was numb but I could still feel and move my legs and eventually I would still feel everything in the nether regions as I pushed!

After the epidural I was a different person, I wanted to kiss the anesthesiologist.  I could no longer feel my contractions, I was so much more calm and hopeful and optimistic that Ben would make it in time.  I thought I still had a long time before the baby was actually going to come, but when the nurse checked me I was already at a 6, Ben was only an hour and a half away at this point though and I still had 4 cm to go so I wasn't too worried.

30 minutes later, I started feeling pressure, it felt like my tailbone was being crushed.  So the nurse checked me again.  She said "I can't believe it but you are a 10, you are fully dilated, it is time to push"  This was NOT good news to me.  Ben was still an hour away, he was at the border!  I called Ben and told him to get here FAST!  I do not even want to know how fast he sped from the border to the hospital.  I told her I didn't want to push until Ben got there.  She tricked me and told me that I should just practice, that she was going to teach me how to push properly during contractions.  So I started pushing during contractions, I could have pushed way harder than I actually was and was not really trying very hard (I NEEDED Ben to be there).  Sometimes  when the nurse wasn't looking, I could feel the pressure of a contraction but I wouldn't tell her.  I was stalling!  Then the baby's heart rate started to drop during contractions, this was because he was OT?  I don't know what that means but basically face up!  I started getting a little worried and came to terms that Ben was not going to be there for the birth and it was time to meet my baby.  My mom was calling Ben every couple minutes telling him to hurry, telling him I was pushing, told him to just park wherever and GET HERE!!  The doctor came in and things got real, I pushed as hard as I could.  WOW it hurt.  I could not only feel intense pressure but a lot a lot of pain.

About 5 minutes after the doctor got there, Ben ran in the door, even though I was pushing a baby out of me, I don't think I have ever been happier.  The doctor told him to grab one of my legs and literally the next contraction/push Ben told me he could see the head, he said "he's looking at me" I could not believe this!  2 very painful pushes later the baby was out and screaming.  I was really surprised, I didn't scream or cry or while pushing just kept saying ow ow ow ow ow and telling them it really hurt.  (Ben was also very surprised at the lack of tears and screaming haha)  They put the baby on my chest, he was so small and little and I couldn't believe he was just inside me! I was a little distracted because I was in so much pain down there and my body was shaking so so bad. They took him off my chest and cleaned him up a little, weighed him and things next to me while the doctor stitched me up (Yikes) Then they gave him back to me and this time I was more alert and studied every inch of this beautiful baby.  I couldn't believe he was blonde! I thought for sure Ben's dark genes would overpower mine!  I loved him instantly.  It really was incredible.  I breastfed right then and there and he did it!  It was so crazy to me that this little baby knew that is what he wanted and that is what he needed, he did great and latched right on and even swallowed a little.  They then took him to do some more things and I got to shower.  I loved that shower.  I couldn't believe my baby was waiting for me outside and I prayed and thanked my Heavenly Father so so much that Ben made it in time and thanked Him for sending me this perfect little baby. The shower is where I do my best crying anyways.

I really do feel like it was a miracle and a tender mercy that Ben made it in time, with literally 5 minutes to spare.  If he had stopped at a gas station longer, if he had left five minutes later, he would have missed it.  (PS-He did get pulled over in Montana though and even though he had the most real ideal excuse,the cop still gave him a ticket!?)

I am so grateful that everything went well, I am truly amazed at what our bodies are capable of.  I feel like they should put pregnant women in a coma for a couple of days after they give birth so they can recover, because it truly is a trauma and an utter shock to the body. I felt like I had ran a marathon the next day, every muscle in my body was sore.  No one would want that though, because you have a precious baby to take care of, I don't think I slept again at all that next night, because I just wanted to stare at and hold the baby.  Even though it was probably the hardest physical thing I have ever done, I already forget the pain and would do it again in a second for that little boy.

I am a full moon believer.
Here are some pictures.

I took these the day I went into labor.  37 weeks, no idea they would be my last belly shots.

This is me after I got my sweet sweet epidural

Heading home!


Anonymous said...

i just wanna be the first to comment xoxo bj love it

Emma Frances said...

What an incredible story! I'm so happy that Ben made it there in time! And Everett is adorable! Being a mom is the best!! :] You are amazing!! And I have heard of walking epidurals but I haven't ever heard of anyone's experience having one! So thanks for sharing!

Lauren Roerick Miller said...

Aww he's beautiful! Your story is so great, I'm glad that Ben could make it tin time. Congratulations :)

Bethany G said...

WOW what a awesome birth story! Enjoy every minute.. it goes so fast!!!

jennica said...

Even though you told me I stil LOVED reading the story! You are so brave! I love little Everett!

Cole and Paige Barnett said...

WOW is right! Crazy story!!! Loved reading it.

sam&charlie said...

what an incredible story! thank you for taking the time and sharing this! he is just a gorgeous little boy. congratulations! :)


Kayla Sue Paisley said...

So so so precious! Love reading birth stories. & I am totally a full moon believer!

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