Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Weeks Old

Everett getting love from his great grandma
Attention all blog followers:
This blog is about to be consumed by a little person called Everett.

The plan was to not go full on mommy blogger on you 
but I am so obsessed with him that all I want to do all day is take pictures of him
and I want to use this space to document every little thing.

I can't believe it has been two weeks since he came, 
I am supposed to still be pregnant right now!
I am already getting extreme anxiety that he is changing and growing too fast.
I know that sounds weird but I keep thinking, I'm never going to get that first week back.
I can't tell you how much we love him, I was so surprised how fast it came.
Love at first sight.
I love his wrinkly forehead
I love his sad little pouty cry
I love when he puckers his lips when he is sleeping
I love his smell
I love his blonde hair
I love when he sneezes

It has been a crazy two weeks that is for sure.
We had him in Canada 3 weeks early (birth story to come) 
and yes Ben made it in time,with about five minutes to spare.
It was a miracle.
We stayed in Canada with my family for 10 days before we drove back to Utah.
Longest. Drive. Ever.
I am really glad we were able to be in Canada for a little while,
all my family got to meet him and my parents were so helpful with everything, 
it also helps my mom is a NICU nurse so that calmed my nerves a lot.
Plus we took full advantage of Alberta Health Care and visited the doctor almost daily.
I. am. a. worrier.

Things are going really well.
He is breast feeding great, which I was really nervous about but this boy got the hang of it right off the bat.
It is stressful and I am constantly wondering if he needs to eat, if he is getting enough etc.
but I feel lucky in that I haven't been too sore or anything.
My mom came to stay with us for a little which has been a HUGE blessing.
Ben is amazing with him, that has been one of my favorite parts of all this 
is watching him with Everett. 
He is completely smitten and can't stop kissing him.
 Sometimes even wakes him up just because he wants to hold him.
He has been super helpful with everything, definitely beating me in diaper change count
and will even get up sometimes and rock him to sleep after I finish feeding him so I can go back to sleep.

Overall we are doing great, we love him more than words can express.  He is so sweet. 
We are trying to take in everything. I want to remember every facial expression, sound, sneeze,even cry.
I love being his mom.
Even though I am SO SO tired and on the verge of tears pretty much always
I do love being his mom more than anything.

I have so much more to blog about:
birth story
Canada family baby shower
his name
his first bath
his nursery

but everyone says sleep when they sleep, so it is time to sleep.

See?  I told you this is about to become an online shrine to Everett.

And now a billion pictures


D & DB said...

oh, i soo know the feeling! it's overwhelmingly fabulous ;) if that even makes sense? ha i already miss the first few weeks ... :( isn't it incredible being a Mom? so so incredible.

Amie said...

OOOO i looove his wrinkly forehead. it's the cutest. Man you look amazing in your hospital gown, hair all done. As if you just had a baby. Hope things are going well, and yes, sleep when he sleeps. It's the only way I kept sane. Don't feel bad.

Lindsay said...

I love his name, and he's just beautiful. <3 Congratulations again and I can't wait to keep reading about your new little man!

sam&charlie said...

his wrinkly forehead is killing me! he is a beauty. can't wait for the birth story! 5 minutes to spare??! sounds like a movie!


Cole and Paige Barnett said...

Congrats proud momma! Being a mom seriously is the BEST!!! Looks like you have got the hang of it:)
He is adorable!!! So happy for you two.

Lex said...

oh! he is the cutest!!

Amira said...

I'm on the verge of tears constantly too! It's overwhelming to love someone so much, but also be so sleep deprived haha!

I'm soooo jealous of your easy breastfeeding experience. Don't take it for granted!!

Xoxo, he's beautiful!

Emma Frances said...

Oh my gosh he is adorable!! I love his wrinkly forehead! And I'm excited to see all the adorable baby pictures!

kyliemaclennan@gmail.com said...

IM SO JEALOUS I WANT TO HOLD HIM AND LOVE HIM!! I need to find a way to come to utah STAT. he's amazing cass. you're amazing!

Allison said...

congrats, cassie! he is so sweet and cute! they just get cuter and more fun as they grow :)
(but every time i see a picture of a newborn, i want another already, haha)

Aly said...

so glad nursing hasn't been too bad! it took us months to figure it out but we're going strong still and my mister just turned 1! ps-we were in the same cambridge court ward but different relief societies. so i'm not entirely a stranger :)

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