Thursday, April 25, 2013

Everett: Two Months

Two months!  Well he is sure a fussy one, this one.  I can't believe how much I still love him because he is such a crier!  The book says to say he HAS colic, not that he IS colicky because it is something that he HAS and not IS and it will pass.  Poor little man is constantly in pain it feels like, he can't quite figure out his little body and his tummy hurts all the time.  He does have his happy moments and I eat those up like an ice cream sundae (remember I am off dairy and of course craving it now more than ever).  Ben and I take turns rocking him, walking around, standing in front of fans and vents (he likes the noise) and basically trying anything and everything to help him feel a little better, or at least distract him.  We have tried everything, our current "as seen on tv-ish" solution we are trying is probiotic drops, we are on day 4 and they are supposed to start helping on day 5. we shall see. I feel bad for wishing time to move more quickly but I am hoping that this colic phase gets the heck outta here!

He is still a great eater but he likes his milk straight from the source and is not very good at taking a bottle of pumped milk.  He likes the breast, and who can blame him really!?  The only problem is he likes to eat at least every three hours, even during the night.  We had one night where he slept five hours in a row, and I thought we were all saved but alas, just a fluke.  He still sleeps quite a bit during the day, but I am thinking once this colic phase moves out, he will have longer awake periods because he will be happier and then hopefully sleep longer during the night.

I am also hoping he starts to smile more.  Seriously, it keeps me up at night.  He has been slower to smile but we have got a few out of him!  I have been really worried about this but my mom keeps reminding me that he doesn't have time to smile because he is too busy crying and grunting.  Although last night at 3 am, I changed his diaper, he looked right at me and smiled (i think).  I really needed that. Someone make me stop googling.  I worry much too much.

Everett loves his baths with me, he will calm right down when we get in the water and it is one of my favorite times of the day, me and Ev in the bath and Ben kneeling beside washing and pouring warm water on him all while acting completely ridiculous doing anything we can to get him to smile. He also LOVES being bounced on a big purple exercise ball.  It is the only thing we have found that consistently will calm him down.  We spend hours and hours bouncing on that ball.  The good news is, our core strength is vastly improving.  He also likes to be outside and he likes to be naked, both at the same time if possible (it was only warm enough once so far for this) and he was as happy as a naked clam for about an hour.

We had his two month check up; he weighs 10 pounds 6 ounces (25th percentile) 22 inches long (50th percentile) and his head is 39 cm (75th percentile).  He also had his shots, that sure is an emotional day for everyone involved.  I can tell the difference between his angry cry, annoyed cry, fake cry, whiny cry and his pain cry, and that day we got his pain cry which made me a big ball of mush all day.

Overall we are doing pretty good, I am not going to lie, the constant crying can be really discouraging.  Some nights I just sit on that ball and bounce and cry right along with him.  It is hard to feel like we are doing a good job when he seems to be sad all the time and I feel so helpless to him.  It is hard to be so scared to go out in public in case he has a meltdown and it is hard to see what feels like everyone else with perfectly content babies who never cry and sleep all night.  I don't regret it though, I love him beyond anything and I know he loves me and feels loved by us, even though he cant show it.  I know that even though sometimes it feels like it will last forever and we will be bouncing a 4 year old on a big purple exercise ball all day, it will pass and soon he will be smiling and laughing all day long :)  I love my little Everett baby.

Some other notes:
His eyes are so blue, If I am not mistaken they are the exact same color as mine
His lashes are finally starting to grow, we are still working on those eye brows
He does NOT like his carseat and scary screams when he has had enough.
He likes to be sung too.  He likes skidamarinkeedoo and primary songs
He loves to look at the TV and also our picture gallery wall
He has old lady nails, they grow so so fast and are so long.
He had his first smile for his grandma (my mom)
Not a fan of tummy time
He coo's and talks a lot during his happy time, he makes noises that remind me of a baby dinosaur.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Observations from a new mom

I have only been at this for six weeks, quite possibly the best but longest six weeks of my life, mostly because I have been awake for most of it.  Ev is still quite colicky and it can be really hard, but in those precious moments when he is awake and cooing and trying so hard to smile or sound asleep on my chest, I tend to forget about his little screamo fests.

Here are just a few of my observations from the past six weeks about my new life as a mama:
  • I have developed super sonic mom hearing, I can hear him breathing over the sound of the tv, his music on his swing etc. and believe me, I am constantly doing breathing checks.
  • Never have I ever been so obsessed with backing up my pictures!  I have copies of every picture taken of Everett online, on my computer, and on my hard drive.
  • I now know why my mom didn't want me to go to school in the states, being so far away from family is really hard.
  • I am pretty confident I could win big on Price is Right and Ellen makes me cry pretty much every other day #daytimetelevision
  • Snaps on sleepers make me want to swear
  • If baby finally falls asleep on your chest and you are not near the remote, you will be watching the local news with Brent Hunsaker for the next hour. I am very current these days. 
  • I have never been a huge ice cream fan..."you should probably go off dairy while breast feeding"......I want ice cream more than anything else....ever
  • The songs we have stuck in our heads these days are lullabies. And I am convinced that no one, not even the French  actually know the correct lyrics to "frare-a-jock-a" " sonny-lemma-tina-ding ding dong, ding ding dong??
  • I think our baby is smarter than we think. He plays games like wait till just after I change his diaper to do his business and wake up right when I fall asleep, such a joker! And also be completely adorable and perfect right after an hour of inconsolable crying, just when I need it. 
  • You would not believe some of the things I have googled in the past six weeks. Laughable
  • My every thought and action revolves around my baby Everett and I'm not even mad.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Everett and Easter

happy happy happy easter!

Despite Everett's face here, we had a really great Easter weekend.
We went down to St. George to spend it with Ben's mom and it was just what we needed.
Flip-flops, red rocks and sunshine oh my!

Ben's mom watched the babe on Friday night and Ben and I got to go out to a movie!!
I was nervous to leave him but he slept like a champ the whole time.
We saw 'the host'. I liked it a lot.
Ben and I love going to the movies, so the buttery popcorn and a show was such a treat.
Although the lack of previews were very disappointing.  Only two previews?? Come on Megaplex!

On Saturday we helped his mom move and when I say we I mean Ben and a bunch of boys.
Me and Everett were pretty useless.
They got it done so quickly that we were to Cafe Rio by lunch time enjoying that sweet sweet pork.
After a nice walk and nap for all three of us and a family dinner out
we turned in for the night.  
My mother in law took the baby after the five o clock feeding when he decided it should be morning
so I got a good solid three hour stretch.  Heaven.

On Sunday we had a nice family turkey Easter lunch outside, Everett played  looked at his cousin Tosh and we just soaked up the St. George sun before we had to head out before Ben worked that night.
After we dropped Ben off at work, Everett and I went to my aunt and uncles where we got a 
second delicious Easter dinner and Everett got fawned over by all the ladies.

Even though much of the weekend was spent bouncing on an exercise ball for hours with a colicky baby,
(yes it really works) 
it was a really great weekend.  I can already tell holidays are going to be so fun with a little.
Not to mention we all got spoiled silly by all the grandparents who sent us treats.
Ben and I got Everett this book for Easter because it's classic and about a bunny named little nutbrown.
He really likes it and by likes it I mean he doesn't scream when I read it to him.

ladies man

nana and baby
best of buds

making it really hard for me to go off dairy.
'and the baby lay with the lamb' (an Easter gift from my parents)

Our first holiday as three; a success!
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