Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Everett and Easter

happy happy happy easter!

Despite Everett's face here, we had a really great Easter weekend.
We went down to St. George to spend it with Ben's mom and it was just what we needed.
Flip-flops, red rocks and sunshine oh my!

Ben's mom watched the babe on Friday night and Ben and I got to go out to a movie!!
I was nervous to leave him but he slept like a champ the whole time.
We saw 'the host'. I liked it a lot.
Ben and I love going to the movies, so the buttery popcorn and a show was such a treat.
Although the lack of previews were very disappointing.  Only two previews?? Come on Megaplex!

On Saturday we helped his mom move and when I say we I mean Ben and a bunch of boys.
Me and Everett were pretty useless.
They got it done so quickly that we were to Cafe Rio by lunch time enjoying that sweet sweet pork.
After a nice walk and nap for all three of us and a family dinner out
we turned in for the night.  
My mother in law took the baby after the five o clock feeding when he decided it should be morning
so I got a good solid three hour stretch.  Heaven.

On Sunday we had a nice family turkey Easter lunch outside, Everett played  looked at his cousin Tosh and we just soaked up the St. George sun before we had to head out before Ben worked that night.
After we dropped Ben off at work, Everett and I went to my aunt and uncles where we got a 
second delicious Easter dinner and Everett got fawned over by all the ladies.

Even though much of the weekend was spent bouncing on an exercise ball for hours with a colicky baby,
(yes it really works) 
it was a really great weekend.  I can already tell holidays are going to be so fun with a little.
Not to mention we all got spoiled silly by all the grandparents who sent us treats.
Ben and I got Everett this book for Easter because it's classic and about a bunny named little nutbrown.
He really likes it and by likes it I mean he doesn't scream when I read it to him.

ladies man

nana and baby
best of buds

making it really hard for me to go off dairy.
'and the baby lay with the lamb' (an Easter gift from my parents)

Our first holiday as three; a success!


Chief Big Mountain said...

nice shirt I have the same one

Emma Frances said...

What a fun Easter weekend! :] And Everett is seriously so adorable!

Sarah said...

He is such a cutie!! I love holidays with kiddos! They make them so much sweeter! It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter Weekend!

My best friend's baby boy is allergic/intolerant to dairy as well and she found that aside from avoiding dairy, if she puts him face down over her leg and bounces gently that his gas is much less. Just thought I'd share.

Kate Marie said...

So so cute! :)

check out my naked basics palette giveaway! :)




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