Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Observations from a new mom

I have only been at this for six weeks, quite possibly the best but longest six weeks of my life, mostly because I have been awake for most of it.  Ev is still quite colicky and it can be really hard, but in those precious moments when he is awake and cooing and trying so hard to smile or sound asleep on my chest, I tend to forget about his little screamo fests.

Here are just a few of my observations from the past six weeks about my new life as a mama:
  • I have developed super sonic mom hearing, I can hear him breathing over the sound of the tv, his music on his swing etc. and believe me, I am constantly doing breathing checks.
  • Never have I ever been so obsessed with backing up my pictures!  I have copies of every picture taken of Everett online, on my computer, and on my hard drive.
  • I now know why my mom didn't want me to go to school in the states, being so far away from family is really hard.
  • I am pretty confident I could win big on Price is Right and Ellen makes me cry pretty much every other day #daytimetelevision
  • Snaps on sleepers make me want to swear
  • If baby finally falls asleep on your chest and you are not near the remote, you will be watching the local news with Brent Hunsaker for the next hour. I am very current these days. 
  • I have never been a huge ice cream fan..."you should probably go off dairy while breast feeding"......I want ice cream more than anything else....ever
  • The songs we have stuck in our heads these days are lullabies. And I am convinced that no one, not even the French  actually know the correct lyrics to "frare-a-jock-a" " sonny-lemma-tina-ding ding dong, ding ding dong??
  • I think our baby is smarter than we think. He plays games like wait till just after I change his diaper to do his business and wake up right when I fall asleep, such a joker! And also be completely adorable and perfect right after an hour of inconsolable crying, just when I need it. 
  • You would not believe some of the things I have googled in the past six weeks. Laughable
  • My every thought and action revolves around my baby Everett and I'm not even mad.


Brielle Story said...

Wait are you talking about Frère Jacques??? Hahahahahahahah it's a Frech lullaby! Here's a link

Anonymous said...

aweee cassie this is SUP TOTES TEND

miss aubrey said...

I love that you're a mommy! This is so sweet and so true! The best advice I got when teddy was new was to sleep when he's sleeping. I don't follow it enough because I feel lazy, but I never regret it when I do. And those first few months you get so tired you can't see straight! Teddy was a little colicky too, it'll pass! I think there are things you can eat/drink that are soothing to his tummy through breast milk... I don't know what... google knows everything! Keep the baby updates coming!! <3

Cindy and Jordan said...

I'm so glad I came across your blog. You have an adorable family and I loved catching up your life! I'm following now :)

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

very sweet! i love this . you are a great mom!

Lana said...

I totally know all the words to Frere Jacqes. I even used to change it to Soeur Veronique, or whoever I was singing it to in the preschool where I worked. My mom used to sing it to me, but she DEFINITELY did not know the words. I think it's funny that we only ever had 1 or 2 classes together and we know more about each other now when we live so far away because of our blogs. :)

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