Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I never imagined that I would spend weeks of my life in Arizona, but my parents bought a house there with a bunch of other families a few years ago, so as a family we are able to get together in the Sun (and get out of Canada and Utah) a few times a year for a little vacation.

It has become one of my favorite places.

Not just because we lay out all day, eat good food and shop till we drop, but it is becoming the place where I get to see my family and we all just can relax and be together.

This trip was no different.  I was really really looking forward to it.  Everett and I don't brave outside of the house too often without Ben because he can be a little dramatic sometimes about things like car seats and public places.  So I was excited to be out and about and surrounded by people I love, and people who adore Everett.

Everett had a lot of firsts this week.  First flights, first cold (womp womp), first time meeting my best friend (so mad we didn't get a picture) and a lot of his other cousins and first swim!  It just so happened that my cousins were all getting together there at the same time, my grandparents also decided to come, so it turned out to be quite the family affair.

It was a great week. There is not much that days of sun soaking and nights of Catan settling can't fix.

 Everett did awesome on both flights.  
He decided his first swim should also be a nap.

 Wading with grandma

 We loved having Ben to ourselves all week!
Waldo (as Matt called him in this shirt) and the Lord of Catan (as he called himself all week after winning a stupid amount of times)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Everett: Three Months

Everett is getting more adorable by the day.  His little fat face is my favorite face in the whole world.  I go weak in the knees for that double chin and no eyebrow thing he has going on.  

At three months we feel like we are getting the hang of things....slowly.  His colic is getting a lot better but the kid is still a pretty high maintenance baby.  He wants what he wants and he wants it now, and he lets us know.  

We are getting into a little bit of a routine.  He usually wakes up at around 7am.  He is super happy in the morning (makes one of us) and I feed him, change his diaper, he eats breakfast with me, we play on his playmat and talk and then he goes down for a nap almost an hour after he wakes up to the minute.  He sleeps for half hour to an hour and then we get dressed and play some more.  We tidy up and he eats again and then goes down for another nap after another 1.5-2 hours.  He basically stays on this schedule for the rest of the day until 7pm, when we start winding him down, bath him, feed him as much as he will take, swaddle him up and put him to sleep around 8pm.

He is still eating great.  He has switched to the 'one and done' method and I don't mind at all.  Sleeping on the other hand?  He has woken up every three hours in the night since he was born.  A couple weeks ago he had two nights in a row where he slept form 8pm till 2am and we were ecstatic.  Then he got a cold while we were in Arizona and hasn't done that since.  So we are back to waking up every three hours.  I have to keep telling myself that one day he will sleep through the night.  One day I will sleep longer than three hours at a time.  I am getting pretty exhausted to say the least, I seriously think my brain only functions at 50% these days.

He is smiling a ton now and those gums turn my heart into mush.  He is holding his head up on his own for the most part, he can still get a little bobbly sometimes, luckily there has only been one baby head to mama sternum incident.  We are working on finding his hands now, he loves to suck on his hands all day long, I'm just not sure he knows they are his own yet.  He is a mover.  He will lay and kick those legs like it's his job.  

I am trying to worry less about exact milestones down to the day type things because I am driving myself crazy.  I have always been a nervous, anxious person but having this baby has made me a whole new level of worrier.  I was so worried when he wasn't smiling exactly at 6-7 weeks and now he flashes those pearly pinks all the time.  Ben pointed out I just need to stop worrying and enjoy him and that it what I plan to do.  Not that he is behind or anything I don't think, I just am going to not put pressure on anything and let Everett do his thing.

Some other notes about my three monther: 
  • He loves the light bulbs in our bathroom. So random but he gets a glimpse of them and cracks the biggest grin.  He met the ceiling fan while we were in Arizona and they also became fast friends.
  • He still loves his bath, but hates getting out.
  • He is oh so close to giggling. can't. wait.
  • He despises tummy time. 
  • He loves facing out.  So that probably means the Ergo won't be his thing, we heard Bjorn are hard on your back, what's the best carrier that they can still face out in?
  • Everett has very active bowels and poops 5-6 times a day.  Basically his life revolves around it.  He has his fair share of blowouts, even though I swore my kids wouldn't do that haha.  He likes to save them for church and other public outings.
  • He is a chunk-a-dunk.  Fat baby thighs are so delicious.
  • He has some baby eczema on his arms and legs, so sensitive, like his mom.
  • He still loves bouncing on that exercise ball, we had to buy one while we were in AZ
We sure do love this little Everett.  He gets an obnoxious amount of kisses on those chubs of cheeks daily. Ben is so good with him, I love watching them together.  Sometimes Ben and I lay in bed at the end of the day and just look at each others pictures we took of him on our phones and  wonder how we made such a cute baby.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First Mothers Day

Photo by Sue Burns Photography
I have only been a mom for 11 weeks now, but I know I was meant to be a mom to Everett.  I remember when we first brought him home from the hospital I didn't think he knew the difference between me and any other human holding him.  I didn't think he knew I was his mom.  Now, he knows me.  He knows I am his mom and I know him.  I know just how he likes to twist his little body on my body for him to calm down and how he likes to lay to fall asleep, and how he wants to be held when his tummy hurts. He knows my voice when I talk and sing to him and he knows my smell when I pick him up and hold him. I love being a mom to this sweet soul.

Becoming a mom has only made me appreciate my own mom more.  She has taught me everything I know and made me who I am.  She has taught me to be selfless, to be kind and empathetic.  She taught me that if i am going to do something do it well, I am not quite as much as a perfectionist (the woman can spend two hours picking out a font) but I have learned to work hard at what I set my mind to.  She taught me that when in doubt, make more, because no one likes when you run out of food.  She has taught me to be strong but that it is ok to cry and most importantly she has taught me how to be a mom.  I truly believe that I will be a good mom to my baby because she is such a good mom to me.  I have been learning from her my whole life.  I love you mom, thanks for loving us so unconditionally.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Everett's blessing day was great, my family was here from Canada, Ben's dad and family came all the way from New Hampshire, and Ben's mom and family were all here from St.George.  It was so so nice to have so much family here.

In hindsight, we should have done the blessing in our home rather than at church because 8:30am church with a newborn who doesn't sleep and trying to get everyone ready was pretty chaotic.  I realized once we got to the church that he needed/wanted to eat and I was not wearing a breastfeeding friendly outfit. Mom Fail.  So there was definitely some maneuvering and help needed in the mother's lounge from my Mother in Law.  My biggest worry was that Everett would scream during the whole blessing; I was out in the hall with him crying right until the second they announced us.

HE DIDN'T CRY!  He didn't make a peep the whole blessing.  Ben gave a really special and humble blessing and I felt so grateful for both my boys that day.  Everyone said that he just stared up at Ben the whole time.

We had a little lunch afterward that my aunt and uncle were nice enough to host at their house rather than our little apartment.  Delicious food, gorgeous weather and surrounded by family and friends.  It was a really perfect Sunday even despite the 8:30am church.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Series of Unfortunate Events

1) Baby wakes up at 5:11am. and 2:00am before that and 11pm before that.
2) Feed baby. Baby falls asleep while nursing Score!
3) Baby has loud audible "bathroom"
4) Consider leaving it. Check for leakage.
5) Leakage. Crap
6) Change Diaper. Change Sleeper
7) Baby is awake and smiling.  Hi sweetheart...no dangit, you are awake, close your eyes, go back to sleep, it's not morning yet.
8) Attempt all possible ways of getting baby back to sleep without leaving the bed.
9) Attempts are futile.
10) Bring baby out to living room and bounce on ball with him.
11) Turn on TV, nothing on. Keep bouncing
12) Finally baby is asleep
13) Place baby in swing.
14) Go lay down to get some sleep while baby is sleeping.
15) Stomach growls. Realize I am starving.
16) Put bread in toaster
17) Drop knife with audible clang
18) Baby wakes up crying
19) Repeat steps 11-13
20) Go back for toast.
21) Toast is cold. Throw toast away
22) Other options. Cereal? Off dairy Eggs? way too much work. Yogurt? still off dairy.
23) I don't need breakfast. I need sleep.
24) Go lay on couch.
25) To check instagram or not to check instagram? No! Sleep!
26) Doorbell Rings. Panic
27) Baby is restless now. Do not move. Be very still. Do not open door.  Will never know who was at my door at 7am.
28) Baby wakes up crying.
29) Think murderous thoughts about anonymous doorbell ringer.
30) Repeat steps 11-13
31) Lay on couch.
32) Lawn mowers start outside window. This is a joke right?
33) Baby wakes up crying.
34) Baby has a snack and a blowout.
35) Change diaper. Put dirty diaper next to 4 other dirty diapers on my coffee table.  Ew that's gross.
36) Do nothing.
37) While noticing gross diapers.  Baby pees all over me, my shirt and pants.
38) Change diaper. Change sleeper.
39) Spray and wash sleeper.
40) Start to change my own clothes.
41) Baby starts screaming.
42) Run to baby
43) Repeat steps 11-13 sans clothes.
44) Baby is asleep in the swing.
45) Put on clothes.
46) Lay on couch. I still smell like pee. Did it get on the couch?
47) Check instagram.
48) Think about blogging this ridiculous almost comical morning.
49) Close eyes.
50) I'm pretty awake now actually. I don't need a nap.
51) Do pointless things.  Tidy up coffee table diaper cemetery. Start load of laundry. Check instagram again.
Stare at baby. Watch Micheal and Kelly. Why doesn't he get that tooth gap fixed?
52) Baby wakes up happy and smiling.

2 hours later....

Crash...burn....dying....utter regret....help....need sleep....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Well I think most of our friends and family have now received Everett's birth announcement 
so I wanted to share it on here, as well as some of his other newborn pictures.
My cousin Jamie has a photography business called Lola Mac Photography 
and takes stunning pictures.

I am so so happy we got these pictures taken, 
they are not only beautiful but preserve his newborn-ness perfectly.
He has already changed so much!

Without further ado...

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