Sunday, May 12, 2013

My First Mothers Day

Photo by Sue Burns Photography
I have only been a mom for 11 weeks now, but I know I was meant to be a mom to Everett.  I remember when we first brought him home from the hospital I didn't think he knew the difference between me and any other human holding him.  I didn't think he knew I was his mom.  Now, he knows me.  He knows I am his mom and I know him.  I know just how he likes to twist his little body on my body for him to calm down and how he likes to lay to fall asleep, and how he wants to be held when his tummy hurts. He knows my voice when I talk and sing to him and he knows my smell when I pick him up and hold him. I love being a mom to this sweet soul.

Becoming a mom has only made me appreciate my own mom more.  She has taught me everything I know and made me who I am.  She has taught me to be selfless, to be kind and empathetic.  She taught me that if i am going to do something do it well, I am not quite as much as a perfectionist (the woman can spend two hours picking out a font) but I have learned to work hard at what I set my mind to.  She taught me that when in doubt, make more, because no one likes when you run out of food.  She has taught me to be strong but that it is ok to cry and most importantly she has taught me how to be a mom.  I truly believe that I will be a good mom to my baby because she is such a good mom to me.  I have been learning from her my whole life.  I love you mom, thanks for loving us so unconditionally.


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