Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I never imagined that I would spend weeks of my life in Arizona, but my parents bought a house there with a bunch of other families a few years ago, so as a family we are able to get together in the Sun (and get out of Canada and Utah) a few times a year for a little vacation.

It has become one of my favorite places.

Not just because we lay out all day, eat good food and shop till we drop, but it is becoming the place where I get to see my family and we all just can relax and be together.

This trip was no different.  I was really really looking forward to it.  Everett and I don't brave outside of the house too often without Ben because he can be a little dramatic sometimes about things like car seats and public places.  So I was excited to be out and about and surrounded by people I love, and people who adore Everett.

Everett had a lot of firsts this week.  First flights, first cold (womp womp), first time meeting my best friend (so mad we didn't get a picture) and a lot of his other cousins and first swim!  It just so happened that my cousins were all getting together there at the same time, my grandparents also decided to come, so it turned out to be quite the family affair.

It was a great week. There is not much that days of sun soaking and nights of Catan settling can't fix.

 Everett did awesome on both flights.  
He decided his first swim should also be a nap.

 Wading with grandma

 We loved having Ben to ourselves all week!
Waldo (as Matt called him in this shirt) and the Lord of Catan (as he called himself all week after winning a stupid amount of times)


Robyn said...

Love this post Cassie! So jealous you got to spend a week in the sun! Everett is freaking ADORABLE!!

kyliemaclennan@gmail.com said...

serioulsy. how did we not get a picture together with your baby? or a picture at all. or see each other more haha. still blows my mind. love you!

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