Thursday, June 27, 2013

Everett: four months

Weight: 13.10 lb (20%) Height: 25 inches (75%) Head: 42 cm (75%)
Someone turned four months at this house!! Well we are all a bunch of recovering colics over here. Everett is doing much better about his meltdowns and quite a happy baby when he wants to be.  He is SO smiley these days and we love it.  He actually giggled for the first time just yesterday. He had giggled(ish) before when we tickled him but it was pretty forced. Then yesterday out of nowhere we were in the car and he just started giggling hysterically at me. I was dying laughing all while crying at the same time and that just made him laugh harder. It was just the best sound.

He is also reaching for things, showing way more interest in toys, wanting to 'stand' all the time and rolling over.  He actually rolled over from back to front all on his own almost a month ago for a couple days all day long (they usually go the other way first) but then he realized he hates being on his tummy so his motivation was gone and he hasn't done it on his own since.  He will roll from tummy to back if we help him by putting his arms in front of him. For some reason his instinct is to do the superman and put his arms straight back at his sides making things much more difficult for himself.

We still are not getting much sleep in this household.  To say we are tired is quite the understatement.  He can't seem to stay asleep longer than two or three hours at night and sometimes has a lot of trouble going back to sleep after eating. Sometimes he is up every hour at night.  The kid has major gas and his grunting wakes him up.  Any one have any suggestions on how he can stay asleep?  We have a bedtime routine, we feed him as much as he will possibly take before bed, noisemaker, elevated crib etc. but it is really taking a toll on us.  Ben works night shifts, so the nights alone are obviously the hardest but he will take E when he gets home and then I usually have a nap when Ben wakes up for an hour or so which is my saving grace.  It is pretty crazy to think I haven't slept longer than a 3 hour stretch in 4 months. Obviously something needs to change soon before we both become completely rundown, I am hoping Everett realizes that sleep is awesome and he would feel so much better if he got a good eight hours in.
^^^toe grabber, I die!

Our baby is a drooler.  I remember I used to look at moms, their baby would be drooling all over them and they would just keep talking and I would think 'ew wipe that, oh he's salivating all over you!' but now I'm that mom, he drools all over my hands, shoulder, pillow, hair haha and it doesn't even phase me.  He also loves sucking on his hands all day, I think it is pretty adorable.

He is still exclusively breastfed (like a champ) but won't take a bottle, although we probably should be working on it more, my goal is to work really hard on that this month and hopefully in my next monthly report he will be a bottle pro.  He hasn't tried any solid foods yet but our pediatrician suggested we try rice cereal to see if it helps with his gas so we are going to start that soon and see how it goes.  I am also currently off soda for the past week to see if that will help, and let me tell you, having him cry would almost be easier.  You have no idea how much I looked forward to my diet coke every day.

Like I said we are recovering colics too. It was pretty hard on us for a while there, I am just now getting to the point where I feel comfortable taking him out of the house on my own.  I love when new parents say they didn't want to be 'that mom' who turned into a hermit and went into hiding after a baby but some of us don't have a choice.  I would have loved to be able to take him out all day, go to Disneyland or even just to Target but he would scream till he was blue in the face and that takes a toll on my motherly nerves!  He is getting much better though, just today we went to Barnes and Noble and the grocery store and he was great, smiling at anyone who would look at him and no cries!

It really is so fun to watch him grow and learn, that sounds cliche but literally hearing him giggle like that in the car yesterday was honestly one of the happiest and best moments I have ever had. I think it is only going to get better from here!

PS-Check out the day in the life of Everett video I made!

 ^^^ cribs are for playing, not for sleeping is what Everett always says

 ^^^Thug Life!
 ^^^Well......that's the best.

 ^^^Sometimes my heart wants to burst while I watch him eat.  I love chubby baby hands

^^^Ben and I used to laugh at straps on things like his swing 'why would we ever need this?' we would say....

Monday, June 24, 2013

The birthday that means he is no longer on his moms health insurance

Happy 26th Birthday to my other favorite boyfriend-Mr. Benjamin B. Tremblay!  
I can't believe you are closer to 30 than to 20 now, we are such. grownups!

You are my favorite person to be around, to talk with, to make laugh, to go to sleep with at night, and definitely my favorite person to raise this sweet baby with.

oh my goodness I love you! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Boyfriend.

Most days (and nights) are spent with my main squeeze Everett.  Ben thinks its weird when I call him my boyfriend, but that is not going to stop me. I'M IN LOVE I'M IN LOVE AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!

But really, Everett is totally every girls dream. The perfect boyf. Case in point:

He let's me kiss him whenever I want  {even in public} || We fall asleep cuddling || He is not creeped out when I remember all of our anniversaries, even down to the week {16 weeks and going strong} || He holds my hand || He lets me dress him, so he always looks stylish || He always smells amazing and has the softest skin || He doesn't complain when I want to take a hundred pictures of and with him || He gets along SO good with my parents and my siblings love him || We read aloud together || He thinks I am hilarious and laughs at all my jokes || He lights up as soon as I walk into the room || He forgives me when I make mistakes and loves me unconditionally ||

How did I get so lucky?

Sunday, June 16, 2013


There is something about seeing the guy you love become a dad.

How it is second nature for him to plant a kiss on Everett's head or cheek every time he picks him up.  How he full on laughs when Everett does something only we would find hilarious.  How, most times, he can get him to sleep in one minute and thirty seconds flat while he sings lullaby's with his own version of the lyrics.  How he googles how to make baby's stomach stop hurting and watches youtube videos on how to help him get rid of gas.  How he sneaks in at night with me to watch Everett sleep.

There is nothing quite like it.

Happy Fathers Day Ben, I am so happy Everett has such a great dad as an example.

Between my dad, my father in law and Ben we are all pretty lucky over here.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

observations of a new mom: part II

I am slowly going crazy 1 2 3 4 5 6 SWITCH crazy going slowly am I 6 5 4 3 2 1 SWITCH.  (Have you guys heard that song? I think it's from Barney) That it the theme song to my life right now.  I love that being E's mom is my job, but I am so tired that my brain only functions at about 40 percent most days.  Some nights during night feedings I am literally delusional.  I thought Everett wouldn't go back to sleep one night because he was worried about his brain surgery the next day, I kept assuring him that Dr. Shepherd is the best there is.  Or how I thought the FBI was going to think I was part of the Boston Bombing because I was watching the news at 4:30am and the police were probably tracking whose TV's were on at that time, because only guilty people are up at 4:30am watching the news.  Promptly shut the TV off and rocked him in the dark.  Crazy 2 5 6 SWITCH 

Here are some more things I have noticed in my 14 weeks of momhood.
  • I am now a master of doing things with only one hand; And picking things up with my toes
  • I want to have a live-in pediatrician. I seriously just have so many questions and worries. I am legitimately excited for his four month check up.  Heaven help my poor doctor.
  • It is truly amazing with how much poop/spit up I feel comfortable leaving the house with on me.
  • I went on my first post-pregnant post-birth run.....Utterly pathetic.  For the first time in my life I had to wear two sports bras (woohoo nursing!) do they make butt bras? Cause that would of helped too.  I made it four blocks each way. 
  • Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork.  I thought after the stacks I filled out at the hospital I would be done.  It keeps coming though. Trying to get this American-ish-but-born-in-Canada baby a passport is harder than my previous job.
  • "Why would I even shower? I'm just going to get puked on and probably not leave the house"  Because then it's 7pm, you are still in your pajamas and feel like DUMP CITY.
  • "Why would I even try to take a nap while he naps?  He is just going to wake up as soon as I fall asleep."  Because then it's 7pm, you are still in your pajamas and feel like DUMP CITY.
  • Breastfeeding while sitting on a toilet with no seat cover in a public restroom....not my finest moment.
  • Me, the girl who went to Target when I had to go to the bathroom the first couple months of marriage.  Me, the girl who still has never farted in front of my husband and vise versa.  Me, the girl who makes my husband turn on the tap, shut the door and spray and I still won't go in for at least an hour afterward.  I love the baby crap. 
          I love his baby burps-means he is getting the gas bubbles out
          I cheer for farts-means he will grunt less while trying to sleep
          and I rejoice for poops-means he is healthy and full!

  • I have a weird urge to take pictures of his blowouts and post them to instagram. I don't. you're welcome.
  • I am amazed at just how obsessed I am with this little guy. I have a love affair with his cheeks and thighs. Don't make me choose.
I love this life though.  I really really do.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trending III

I have done this for the past two years so why not.  Just what we are into at the time, our little momentary favorites. It is fun to look back on.  Last year we were into Prison Break? Got a little weird after Season 2 if you ask me.

Here is the same post from 2011 and 2012

Food: Taquitos (you know the frozen ones from Costco? #wifefail)
TV Show: Breaking Bad and NBA and NHL Playoffs
Hobby:  Ben just built us a new computer from scratch
Book: Programming books (nerd alert!)
Restaurant: Dickey's BBQ
Candy: Ben doesn't really like candy but won't say no to chocolate chip cookies,easy on the chocolate chips.
Drink: Mountain Dew (some things never change)
Free Time: Sleep Sleep Sleep
Music: Macklemore?
Movie: We don't see the new releases since baby, but we did go see Oblivion, not impressed Tom.
Product: Settlers of Catan Cities and Knights

Food: I have been craving Chipotle so bad
TV Show: I have been re-watching all the seasons of Greys Anatomy while nursing, and I have decided there is no other show like it. They are my people. I also got into Scandal recently, love me some white house drama.
Hobby: Trying to make Everett laugh
Book: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (ask me how that ones going...)
Restaurant:  Noodles and Company ( I have always liked it, but lately its all I ever want)
Candy: Rice Krispy Treats, may or may not have made them twice in three days.
Drink: Diet Coke
Free Time: Sleep Sleep Sleep
Music: I love Nashville's cover of Hey Ho right now
Movie: Ben and I watched The Impossible the other night.  Much crying and the desire to wake up my baby and hold him ensued.
Product: I want to buy every piece of chambray clothing I see for summer.

Food: Mommy Milk
TV Show: I am trying to go light on my screen time, but I am just riveted by it.
Hobby: Rolling over onto my tummy and then crying until someone rolls me back
Book: Guess how Much I Love you?
Restaurant: TATAS
Candy: Guess?
Drink: Well this is getting repetitive
Free Time: Sleep Sleep Sleep
Music: Wheels on the Bus and Love is Spoken here
Movie: I'm not familiar?
Product: I love my snugabunny swing....a little too much

See? Riveted.

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