Thursday, June 27, 2013

Everett: four months

Weight: 13.10 lb (20%) Height: 25 inches (75%) Head: 42 cm (75%)
Someone turned four months at this house!! Well we are all a bunch of recovering colics over here. Everett is doing much better about his meltdowns and quite a happy baby when he wants to be.  He is SO smiley these days and we love it.  He actually giggled for the first time just yesterday. He had giggled(ish) before when we tickled him but it was pretty forced. Then yesterday out of nowhere we were in the car and he just started giggling hysterically at me. I was dying laughing all while crying at the same time and that just made him laugh harder. It was just the best sound.

He is also reaching for things, showing way more interest in toys, wanting to 'stand' all the time and rolling over.  He actually rolled over from back to front all on his own almost a month ago for a couple days all day long (they usually go the other way first) but then he realized he hates being on his tummy so his motivation was gone and he hasn't done it on his own since.  He will roll from tummy to back if we help him by putting his arms in front of him. For some reason his instinct is to do the superman and put his arms straight back at his sides making things much more difficult for himself.

We still are not getting much sleep in this household.  To say we are tired is quite the understatement.  He can't seem to stay asleep longer than two or three hours at night and sometimes has a lot of trouble going back to sleep after eating. Sometimes he is up every hour at night.  The kid has major gas and his grunting wakes him up.  Any one have any suggestions on how he can stay asleep?  We have a bedtime routine, we feed him as much as he will possibly take before bed, noisemaker, elevated crib etc. but it is really taking a toll on us.  Ben works night shifts, so the nights alone are obviously the hardest but he will take E when he gets home and then I usually have a nap when Ben wakes up for an hour or so which is my saving grace.  It is pretty crazy to think I haven't slept longer than a 3 hour stretch in 4 months. Obviously something needs to change soon before we both become completely rundown, I am hoping Everett realizes that sleep is awesome and he would feel so much better if he got a good eight hours in.
^^^toe grabber, I die!

Our baby is a drooler.  I remember I used to look at moms, their baby would be drooling all over them and they would just keep talking and I would think 'ew wipe that, oh he's salivating all over you!' but now I'm that mom, he drools all over my hands, shoulder, pillow, hair haha and it doesn't even phase me.  He also loves sucking on his hands all day, I think it is pretty adorable.

He is still exclusively breastfed (like a champ) but won't take a bottle, although we probably should be working on it more, my goal is to work really hard on that this month and hopefully in my next monthly report he will be a bottle pro.  He hasn't tried any solid foods yet but our pediatrician suggested we try rice cereal to see if it helps with his gas so we are going to start that soon and see how it goes.  I am also currently off soda for the past week to see if that will help, and let me tell you, having him cry would almost be easier.  You have no idea how much I looked forward to my diet coke every day.

Like I said we are recovering colics too. It was pretty hard on us for a while there, I am just now getting to the point where I feel comfortable taking him out of the house on my own.  I love when new parents say they didn't want to be 'that mom' who turned into a hermit and went into hiding after a baby but some of us don't have a choice.  I would have loved to be able to take him out all day, go to Disneyland or even just to Target but he would scream till he was blue in the face and that takes a toll on my motherly nerves!  He is getting much better though, just today we went to Barnes and Noble and the grocery store and he was great, smiling at anyone who would look at him and no cries!

It really is so fun to watch him grow and learn, that sounds cliche but literally hearing him giggle like that in the car yesterday was honestly one of the happiest and best moments I have ever had. I think it is only going to get better from here!

PS-Check out the day in the life of Everett video I made!

 ^^^ cribs are for playing, not for sleeping is what Everett always says

 ^^^Thug Life!
 ^^^Well......that's the best.

 ^^^Sometimes my heart wants to burst while I watch him eat.  I love chubby baby hands

^^^Ben and I used to laugh at straps on things like his swing 'why would we ever need this?' we would say....


mynameis tash said...

The Bumbo picture gets me! He is so sweet Cassie

Allison said...

what a cutie! glad he is happier now, it's so hard and stressful hearing a baby cry. connor was a really bad sleeper in the beginning too, and i had to rock him completely to sleep. when he hit 3 months it got even worse, and at his 4 month appointment my doctor suggested letting him cry it out. i thought 4 months was way too young, but it was literally the only option left. so we did it, and in 3 days he went to sleep by himself, and finally started only waking up 1-2 times a night. saved my life.

Amira said...

Haha yes! I used to wonder why everything had straps too! Once they get a little older, it becomes clear! You are doing a great job mama :-)

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