Thursday, June 6, 2013

observations of a new mom: part II

I am slowly going crazy 1 2 3 4 5 6 SWITCH crazy going slowly am I 6 5 4 3 2 1 SWITCH.  (Have you guys heard that song? I think it's from Barney) That it the theme song to my life right now.  I love that being E's mom is my job, but I am so tired that my brain only functions at about 40 percent most days.  Some nights during night feedings I am literally delusional.  I thought Everett wouldn't go back to sleep one night because he was worried about his brain surgery the next day, I kept assuring him that Dr. Shepherd is the best there is.  Or how I thought the FBI was going to think I was part of the Boston Bombing because I was watching the news at 4:30am and the police were probably tracking whose TV's were on at that time, because only guilty people are up at 4:30am watching the news.  Promptly shut the TV off and rocked him in the dark.  Crazy 2 5 6 SWITCH 

Here are some more things I have noticed in my 14 weeks of momhood.
  • I am now a master of doing things with only one hand; And picking things up with my toes
  • I want to have a live-in pediatrician. I seriously just have so many questions and worries. I am legitimately excited for his four month check up.  Heaven help my poor doctor.
  • It is truly amazing with how much poop/spit up I feel comfortable leaving the house with on me.
  • I went on my first post-pregnant post-birth run.....Utterly pathetic.  For the first time in my life I had to wear two sports bras (woohoo nursing!) do they make butt bras? Cause that would of helped too.  I made it four blocks each way. 
  • Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork.  I thought after the stacks I filled out at the hospital I would be done.  It keeps coming though. Trying to get this American-ish-but-born-in-Canada baby a passport is harder than my previous job.
  • "Why would I even shower? I'm just going to get puked on and probably not leave the house"  Because then it's 7pm, you are still in your pajamas and feel like DUMP CITY.
  • "Why would I even try to take a nap while he naps?  He is just going to wake up as soon as I fall asleep."  Because then it's 7pm, you are still in your pajamas and feel like DUMP CITY.
  • Breastfeeding while sitting on a toilet with no seat cover in a public restroom....not my finest moment.
  • Me, the girl who went to Target when I had to go to the bathroom the first couple months of marriage.  Me, the girl who still has never farted in front of my husband and vise versa.  Me, the girl who makes my husband turn on the tap, shut the door and spray and I still won't go in for at least an hour afterward.  I love the baby crap. 
          I love his baby burps-means he is getting the gas bubbles out
          I cheer for farts-means he will grunt less while trying to sleep
          and I rejoice for poops-means he is healthy and full!

  • I have a weird urge to take pictures of his blowouts and post them to instagram. I don't. you're welcome.
  • I am amazed at just how obsessed I am with this little guy. I have a love affair with his cheeks and thighs. Don't make me choose.
I love this life though.  I really really do.

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Amie said...

haha these are awesome. I feel like you are speaking whats in my mind. It's a wonderful thing, being a Mom... but sometimes I feel like I did nothing, but then I think "how many diapers did I change?" "how many times have I fed my kids?" I kept my kids alive so pat on the back for me. :)

Breanne said...

I actually laughed out loud. I have been feeling exactly the same! (Especially about the poop farts and burps!) I find myself clapping and cheering and telling Annie she is a good girl for doing all three of those things. Only moms...

jennica said...

Cassie! I sang along with your opening lines.

haha watch this! it's a canadian produced television show.. so some may not know the tune like we do. said...

Thank you for making my day cassie. 50 awesome mom/blogger points for you! said...

Thank you for making my day cassie. 50 awesome mom/blogger points for you!

Ria said...

Thank you for this. My baby is 8 months and it's so nice to know it's not just me. :) Also, the breastfeeding-on-public-toilet? Done it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, SISTER.

Kylie Johnson said...

I legit laughed out loud like 6 times during this post. Butt bra. Genius

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