Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trending III

I have done this for the past two years so why not.  Just what we are into at the time, our little momentary favorites. It is fun to look back on.  Last year we were into Prison Break? Got a little weird after Season 2 if you ask me.

Here is the same post from 2011 and 2012

Food: Taquitos (you know the frozen ones from Costco? #wifefail)
TV Show: Breaking Bad and NBA and NHL Playoffs
Hobby:  Ben just built us a new computer from scratch
Book: Programming books (nerd alert!)
Restaurant: Dickey's BBQ
Candy: Ben doesn't really like candy but won't say no to chocolate chip cookies,easy on the chocolate chips.
Drink: Mountain Dew (some things never change)
Free Time: Sleep Sleep Sleep
Music: Macklemore?
Movie: We don't see the new releases since baby, but we did go see Oblivion, not impressed Tom.
Product: Settlers of Catan Cities and Knights

Food: I have been craving Chipotle so bad
TV Show: I have been re-watching all the seasons of Greys Anatomy while nursing, and I have decided there is no other show like it. They are my people. I also got into Scandal recently, love me some white house drama.
Hobby: Trying to make Everett laugh
Book: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (ask me how that ones going...)
Restaurant:  Noodles and Company ( I have always liked it, but lately its all I ever want)
Candy: Rice Krispy Treats, may or may not have made them twice in three days.
Drink: Diet Coke
Free Time: Sleep Sleep Sleep
Music: I love Nashville's cover of Hey Ho right now
Movie: Ben and I watched The Impossible the other night.  Much crying and the desire to wake up my baby and hold him ensued.
Product: I want to buy every piece of chambray clothing I see for summer.

Food: Mommy Milk
TV Show: I am trying to go light on my screen time, but I am just riveted by it.
Hobby: Rolling over onto my tummy and then crying until someone rolls me back
Book: Guess how Much I Love you?
Restaurant: TATAS
Candy: Guess?
Drink: Well this is getting repetitive
Free Time: Sleep Sleep Sleep
Music: Wheels on the Bus and Love is Spoken here
Movie: I'm not familiar?
Product: I love my snugabunny swing....a little too much

See? Riveted.


Rebecca said...

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