Tuesday, July 9, 2013

After School Brownies

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself because my husband works night shifts, my baby hates sleeping, I live far from my family and we have student loans.  And then we have a really good weekend like this last one and I am reminded this is a pretty good life.

We didn't do anything special, but Ben had two days off in a row and Everett was so happy the whole time most of the time! Saturday morning Everett and I headed to Joann's so we could use our 50 percent off one item coupon.  Probably not the best use of it on a $3.99 ball of yarn but a successful trip none the less and crafty ideas bouncing in my head.

We woke up Ben in bed, which is Everett's favorite part of the day, just rolling around in the bed, drooling on our pillows and giggling with his dad.  Ben took the babe and I had a big fat nap, not even a couch nap but a real nap in the bed.  When I woke up we went to Rumbi's for lunch as I watched in amazement as Ben ordered and ate a salad. a salad!  We then drove just down the street to the shaved ice tiki hut and got a big fat shaved ice to share, tigers blood for him and pina colada for me.  We laid out the new trendy mexican yoga blanket I bought on the grass, laid Everett down and turned our tongues red.

On Sunday we got up at the crack of dawn and went to church all together, where Everett was a champ for 21/2 of the 3 hours and we got our spiritual enlightenment for the week.  We came home and had naps.  I was browsing Pinterest where I saw a friend had pinned made from scratch brownies, which made me immediately crave brownies.  Which then made me think of my best friend Kylie, because in high school we would go to her house and eat nachos and the best 'after school brownies' on a pretty much daily basis.  So I called Kylie, and had a great catch up session with her. I was reminded she was my kindred spirit and bosom friend and wished she lived closer! I then made the after school brownies and they were perfect and chewy and the edge pieces were exactly what I was craving.  Ben sat through the new episode of The Kardashians with me while we ate said brownies and I went to bed.

Nothing special but when I woke up on Monday and had brownies for breakfast I was ready and refreshed for the rest of the week.

Everett and I are headed to Canada for the rest of the month in a couple days and while I am SO excited to be with my family, have pool parties and go to Waterton, we are going to miss Ben so much! Ben thinks Everett is going to forget him, I think there is absolutely no way.


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